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  • Top 3 Designer Camera Bags
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Camera bags serve a direct purpose: to protect your camera from wind, rain, and the occasional
run-in with an elbow or wall. Even though camera bags are necessary, they don’t have to lack
style-wise. The world of camera accessories has gone through a makeover lately, and camera
bags haven’t been left untouched. Today’s camera bags are sleek, chic, and provide superior

Jack by Jill-E Designs -- $100+

Channel your inner Hemmingway with a leather bag from the Jill-E Designs “Jack” collection.
These professional camera bags feature all kinds of pockets, an all-leather outer layer, and a
completely lined inner layer. The Jack Messenger Bag also contains a laptop pouch, so that
you can carry your laptop on all your shoots. If you’re serious about photography, look the part
by purchasing a leather bag from Jill-E Designs. These bags may be expensive, but they’re
guaranteed to last a long time.

Emera Original Quilted -- $100+

It’s not unheard of for a woman to purchase an Emera bag even if a camera isn’t anywhere in
sight. These bags are the epitome of luxury, class, and the ultimate camera bag. The Emera
Original Quilted bag pays homage to Coco Chanel without overdoing it. These bags include
lots of storage compartments, an all-weather outer shell, an inner lining covered in the softest
material, and plenty of room to store whatever you need to bring along to your next shoot. This
bag is loved worldwide for its ability to transform from a camera bag into an everyday bag. Wear
it for fun or wear it for practical reasons, the Emera Original Quilted bag is worth every penny.
It’s hard to find a better luxury designer camera bag than the Original Quilted Emera bag.

Shootsac -- $100+

The Shootsac bag was one of the first designer camera bags to hit the market. This bag was
immediately received with open arms from photographers all around the world. The number one
reason why Shootsac is so popular has to do with this bag’s outer material. The Shootsac is made
from diver-grade neoprene, so it never becomes wet, soggy, or bent out of shape. This bag also
weights a mere 7 ounces. The Shootsac bag was designed for active photographers who want
to access equipment quickly. Thus, this bag contains many different compartments that can be
easily reached. If you’re looking for the ultimate designer camera bag, look no further than the