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  • What to Look for in a Digital Photo Frame
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Digital frames breathe life into frozen photo moments. Going digital means foregoing printing and framing procedures for good. These frames range in price from $50 to more than $200. The type of frame you choose is largely dependant upon your expectations. Wireless frames, frames with Internet capabilities, and frames that can be viewed from many feet away are all available.

Determine Your Usage
Look for a basic digital photo frame if your sole purpose is to display photos. Using this type of frame involves placing a USB key into a USB port – nothing more. If you want something that’s a little more high-tech, look for a frame that includes Internet capabilities. Higher-end frames have a multitude of menu options including email to frame features.
Some digital frames even include weather updates and social networking connectivity options. These frames are ideal for showcasing Facebook photos or photos from online albums. The more features that a frame has, the higher the price tag will be.

Learn About Resolution Details
As far as digital frames go, resolution is vital. A frame that does not have a decent resolution won’t project imagines flawlessly. Look for a frame that has a minimum resolution of 640 by 480. Budget digital frames are often offered up at low prices, but these frames will make viewing photo details difficult. If possible, test all frames in-store prior to purchasing any frame.

Pay Attention to Screen Size
Some photo frames can take the place of a painting or other wall art. Other frames are no larger than a paperback book. In order for your guests to view a digital frame with ease, you’ll need to purchase a frame that is larger than 5.6 inches (the size of most inexpensive frames). Spending a bit of extra money on a frame with a large screen size may be worth the investment.

Aspect Ratio Options
Ideally, matching your digital camera’s aspect ratio size with the aspect ratio of a digital frame is a wise idea. A frame that has an aspect resolution that is larger than that of your camera’s resolution will alter the size of a photograph. Frames that have very large aspect resolutions (16.9 or higher) will stretch and distort most photographs. Contact your digital camera manufacturer prior to purchasing a digital frame in order to determine the proper aspect ratio size.

Connectivity Concerns
Most frames are not wireless, though wireless frames do exist. Wireless frames must be connected to a wireless network in order to function. It is strongly advised that you read wireless photo frame reviews prior to purchasing this type of device. In most instances, placing a frame near an electrical outlet is necessary. Connectivity options should be considered before purchasing a frame.