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  • The D-Link Portable Router –Now, That’s Smart.
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Sometimes an Ethernet connection just isn’t a possibility. This is especially true when traveling. Reputable router manufacturer D-Link has designed a travel router to fix this problem. The D-Link Portable Router will provide you with an instant Ethernet connection and other connections while traveling. All you need to use this router is an electrical outlet. Want to know more about this travel companion? Here are the D-Link Portable Router specs:

What This Portable Router Includes

The router itself is a power plug with tongs sticking out the end of it, so you can simply plug this router into any wall or outlet while on the move. In addition, a handy USB port is included (something competing travel routers don’t include). As such, the USB port can act as a device charger or serve as a way to share USB storage information. You’ll also have access to D-Links own SharePort cloud app (iOS and Android), which will allow you to share information via the cloud.

Packed and Small Too

Not only is the D-Link Portable Router packed with lots of ports, this router is also very small. For a point of reference, consider the size of a small mouse or deck of cards. You can easily slip this router into a pocket, bag, or anywhere else, which is really the point of the router. If you travel a lot and you need a router that you can bring with you wherever you go, the D-Link Portable Router really looks like a router that will get the job done. It also doesn’t hurt that this router was built by D-Link – a manufacturer that practically invented the router.

Pricing and Other Details

The D-Link Portable Router is available right now for purchase. You can buy this router directly from D-Link or through other approved retailers. As far as price goes, this portable router is, admittedly, a bit more that other routers in its class. At $75 this router might take a bit of a commitment. Then again, the other routers that you’ll find in the portable section of sites like Amazon don’t include a USB port, so that’s certainly something to keep in mind.

While the D-Link Portable Router might not be the best option if you never travel and are just looking for a network router (in fact, this would be the opposite of a good choice in this circumstance), this router does serve a direct purpose. Being away from the office or from home can mean being router-less, but now you have a good option. Incidentally, Apple users might also consider the Portable Router as an alternative to Apple’s AirPort Express, which can be on the pricey side. D-Link has also made this portable router tidier than Apple’s offering, which is another thing to consider.

It’s also worth pointing out that this router doesn’t come with any cords or other plugs that you’ll have to stuff into a bag. For complete travel ease, it’s hard to beat D-Link’s newest portable option.