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  • Dumpster Drive: Talking Trash
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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so the saying goes. But who takes this oft repeated sentence seriously? Apple does. Dumpster Drive is a file sharing device that’s not easily understood. Perhaps there’s no real explanation at all.

Everyone tosses a file now and then. Sometimes the files that you needed yesterday just aren’t that important today. When this happens, tossing that file in the virtual trash is the preferred means of disposal. Until now, that is. Now, Mac users have the option to share old and unwanted files with other, random, users.

How Dumpster Drive Works

To use Dumpster Drive, simply download the app, and choose a location for your personal dumpster. When it comes time to get rid of a file, add the file to the Dumpster Drive trash. Once added, your file will be mixed with thousands of miscellaneous files. These files are then fair game for anyone who has a Dumpster Drive account.

You can choose to poke around in other people’s trash too. You never know what you may find. Some people may find a distinct use or purpose for this app, though it’s hard to know exactly what that purpose is. For others, Dumpster Drive is simply a way to peek in on someone else’s life without actually sneaking around (not that sneak around can’t be done online).

The Possibilities

Dumpster Drive could be used to create a strange piece of fiction. You can add up details from people’s lives, record these details, and turn it into a book. Better yet, you could create a movie based upon this entire concept. Or, you may be able to blackmail someone if you are able to determine where the information you found in the dumpster came from.

Other uses include taking advantage of older programs that someone else doesn’t want. Learning about something through a forgotten tutorial, reading an e-book for free, or going through some strange documents are all possibilities. Do you need Dumpster Drive? Probably not. But, how often are apps actually needed?

A Word On Safety

There are some mean people out there, and mean people will do mean things. That’s just the nature of being a deviant. With this in mind, pay attention to what you’re downloading. You could be downloading a virus or a file that could potentially harm your computer. As with any other download, it’s a good idea to make sure that your virus protector is up and running strong.

Another word of caution: be careful what you throw into the Dumpster Drive app. If you have a document that could be sensitive, it’s best not to add it to the dumpster pile. Then again, this could be an ideal way to get back at the person who just fired you or leak a rumor. As you can see, Dumpster Drive is certainly an interesting app. Is it one we recommend? Why not. As long as you are careful about what you read and who you share with.