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  • EE Comes Out With the First 4G Action Cam
Technology Articles > Photo, Video & Audio > camcorders > EE Comes Out With the First 4G Action Cam

EE Limited has created what the company is calling the “world’s first 4G action camera.” The EE camera was inspired by GoPro, but this camera doesn’t need a smartphone to function.

Users can stream footage live to anyone that wants to watch directly from the camera making EE’s foray into the action camera world a mighty one.

Camera Details

Instead of controlling EE”s camera through a smartphone, users can control this action cam using a screen that is strapped to a user’s wrist. The wrist accessibility allows users to stop the camera at any point, and also to view what has already been filmed (making adjustments as needed). EE doesn’t typically develop products, but the company saw an opportunity in the 4G action camera market. Since no 4G action camera currently exists, the company decided to develop the camera and sell it.

Viewing Action Footage

In order for someone to see what’s being filmed using an EE cam, viewers have to log into EE’s streaming app. The app is called “Skeegle,” and it’s a private network that can only be accessed by those that are invited. This is in contrast to other networks where the general public can watch what’s being recorded. By keeping Skeegle private, EE hopes that more people will purchase the company’s action cam.

The new EE camera is also capable of recording video thanks to a 64GB internal memory. Since action cams have to be tough enough to survive most sports, EE has also made this camera waterproof up to 60 meters. It is possible to shoot photos with the camera at the 60 meter depth too.

Sharing Options

EE wants users to build a Skeegle group list that’s something like a social network of users and viewers. Once a user has built a group of people that videos are regularly shared with, that users can then just hit the “broadcast” button and send out videos to everyone in that group. The idea here is that the footage will still be secure, but will also be easily sent to anyone that has access to a Skeegle group.

Where to Buy It

The new EE action camera will go on sale this June in Europe though there’s no North American launch date set yet. The camera will retail for around 100 Pounds, and will be available through the company or through sites like Amazon. It’s likely that EE will bring the new action camera to North America following its European debut. If the camera sells as well as EE expects it to, it will soon be available in a store near you in North America. If you do live in Europe, you can get your hands on one of these cameras in early June.

There are more than a handful of action cameras out there, but this one proves to be the first 4G camera to show up to the race. Action cameras sell very well, so it shouldn’t be hard for EE to make the first hundred sales of this camera. Other companies will likely follow suit with 4G options.