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  • Embark: The New App For NYC Transit Users
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Alright, that title might be a bit misleading. Embark is not only for those who take NYC transit. Further investigation reveals that Embark is actually available in twelve different cities across the U.S. But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. What is Embark? Where can you find it? How much does it cost? You want to know about all of these things, right? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. Essentially, Embark is a trip planning, transit navigating, handy app.

Embark was invented to help commuters figure out complex transit systems. If you’ve ever attempted the NYC subway, you know what I mean. Using this app, you can find the easiest way to get where you’re going. You can also plan your trip. In fact, Embark is full of interesting features and details. Here’s what you need to know.

What Embark Can Do

Embark will let you know if there’s a subway car stall, if the route you want to take is not accessible, or if anything else prevents your travel. Embark will also allow you to plan out a trip. Do you want to make it from Williamsburg to SOHO? Embark will tell you how. It’s also nice to note that Embark doesn’t run on a cellular network or WiFi, so you can always use this app – even if you are stuck somewhere. An even cooler feature is that Embark uses real-time data. So, if that train has just stopped for some unknown reason, Embark will suggest a better route for you to take.

Embark is an all-around transit travel app. Once you start using this app, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. When tested, Embark worked very well. Further, it’s a great app to have if you are in a rush to get somewhere and have to rely on public transit. Are you curious about where you can find the app, where it works, or how much it costs? Read on!

Current Cities Covered by Embark

As noted above, Embark currently covers twelve different cities. Those cities include NYC, Boston, Chicago, Long Island, London, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. If you’ve just counted and are wondering where those other cities are, Embark covers two transit lines in San Francisco, NYC, and Chicago. Embark also seems to be growing rather quickly. If your city is not yet on the list, sit tight. It looks like the Embark team is poised to grow internationally (VCs, take note), so your city may appear on the Embark map soon enough.

Who’s Behind Embark (and Where Do They Get Their Funding?)

Embark is headed up by a team of three. These developers have hit on something that most people really need: a way to get around mass transit. Not only has Embark found a real niche, but lots of investors are backing this company too. I was delighted and surprised to see that Embark is backed by the widely popular Y Combinator. This startup has also gained funding dollars from SV Angel and Start Fund – not bad at all. In case you’re wondering what all these funding dollars mean, the answer is that Embark has lots of potential. But, really, an app that lets you plan a transit route and provides you with real-time transit data? Is it any surprise that investors love Embark as much as you will? This app is available on iOS. Do yourself a favor and download it (free for now).