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  • The Eventbrite Card Reader
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Eventbrite is an event planning website that also offers an iPad app. The mission behind Eventbrite is to make planning any kind of event easier. Using the site, users can publish an event, promote that event, manage an event, and even sell tickets to an event directly through the site. Those who are looking for an event in a specific area can simply go to the Eventbrite site to see what’s offered. Creating, planning, and selling tickets to an event created through Eventbrite is simple and effective making it a popular website and iPad app.

Now, Eventbrite is doing something that really makes a lot of sense for the company. Eventbrite has launched an all-new iPad payment system. Much like Square and PayPal’s payment platform systems, Eventbrite attached to an iPad and allows users to accept credit cards using the Eventbrite dongle. Eventbrite is focusing on iPad users who area also event planners while marketing the new payment system. As mentioned, a mobile payment system makes sense for Eventbrite, but does it makes sense for the event planner?

Costs and Other Bits

Both Square and PayPal charge users per transaction for using their respective payment platforms. Square’s rate is $2.75% per transaction and PayPal is offer up some stiff competition at $2.7% per transaction. Everbrite will be offering its payment platform for $3% per transaction – higher than both PayPal and Square. In addition to the transaction fee, Everbrite’s dongle attachment (necessary to use the payment system) will be sold to users for $10. Both Square and PayPal offer their respective dongles for free.

What advantage, if any, does Everbrite have over competitors like Square and PayPal? Well, those who currently have the Everbrite app installed on an iPad will find the compatibility between the app and the new payment system enjoyable. In addition, Everbrite has set out to solely focus on event planners of all kinds, so you may find the new Everbrite mobile payment a better fit for any event you are planning. Otherwise, it’s worth comparing Square and PayPal here to Everbrite at ever turn. In some ways, it’s hard to imagine why Everbrite didn’t just use Square of PayPal Here while offering a payment service to customers, but every is jumping on the mobile payment bandwagon these days, so why not Everbrite?

The Mobile Payment Trend

While Everbrite is the latest company to offer a mobile payment option, it’s certainly not the last company you’ll see that joins the mobile payment movement. The fact of the matter is that mobile payment platforms are trendy this year and many more companies will want a bit of what Square and PayPal are getting. If you do want to offer your clients a way to pay via credit card, a mobile payment platform is certainly worth looking into. But, it’s also a very good idea to consider not only the price of each transaction but also the company behind those transactions. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to mobile payment providers, but thankfully consumers will have more than a few choices in a short amount of time.