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  • The Extollo LANSocket 1500 Powerline Adapter Kit
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If you’re looking for a high-performing powerline networking solution, look no further than the Extollo LANSocket 1500 Powerline Adapter Kit. It features a space-efficient pass-through solution so you don’t feel bad taking up precious outlet real estate, and it doesn’t require a professional to set up -- no extensive networking knowledge required! A drawback: it isn’t really as fast as others.

Not only does the pass-through allow you to overlook what some would say is a larger size, the fact it is one of the most affordable powerline solutions on the market currently makes it an attractive option among all others.


The Extollo LAN Socket 1500 kit comes with two adapters that resemble a standard power adapter -- three-prong snap-in. They are a bit bigger than other adapters, measuring 2.5 by 1.5 by 4.5 inches in size. It looks like it’s going to take up way too much wall space, but the built-in pass-through electrical outlet solves that problem. You’ve taken your standard 2-plug wall outlet and plugged in the adapter, which offers a second plug in place of the one you can’t get to anymore. Problem solved!

If you compare the size of the LANSocket adapter to other adapters, it appears large. However, try comparing it to other adapters which feature a pass-through socket. It’s now more compact.


Inside the box, you’ll find two adapters and two short network cables, as well as a setup poster to guide you through the process. We’ll bet you won’t really need this poster to get the job done! Start by connecting one adapter to your router, and the other to any of your devices with a network port, like your computer, Wi-Fi access point, printer, or game console. Then plug the adapters into a 110v wall socket. That’s it!

Now the adapters do their job of converting the electrical wiring into a network cable. The shorter the distance in between the adapters, the better, though it supports up to 985 feet in distance. If you want to add more devices, you’ll need one adapter per device. The Extollo LANSocket will allow up to 16 devices to be connected per network.

Features and Performance

Want a private network between adapters? Just press and hold the Sync button on the first adapter, and do the same on the other adapters within two minutes. It’s a security feature provided for users in a multi-unit buildings, like townhouses and apartments, so that others can’t get their own powerline adapter and leach off of your home network.

And while the LANSocket will work with adapters from other vendors, you won’t be able to use this feature with them. They will be rendered useless. If you want to revert back, hold the Sync button on each adapter for 10 seconds.

It supports the latest Powerline AV2 standard -- meaning it should perform with a top speed of just shy of 2,000Mbps -- but since each adapter has a Gigabit network port, it only pushes 1,000Mbps. Performance also depends on the wiring in your home -- older wiring, slower performance.

It is well worth the MSRP $159.99, simply for the pass-through. Even with its slower performance, the price can’t be beat.