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  • Facebook Creates a Business Guide
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Every social networking platform has its place. Twitter is great for sending out news flashes and communicating with clients. LinkedIn has always been a place for networking and business. Google Plus has yet to find its true niche, and Facebook is a casual friend-oriented spot. Now, Facebook execs are attempting to target businesses by offering up a Facebook business guide.

Many businesses set up Facebook pages, but these pages often fall by the wayside when owners realize that there’s nothing to actually do with Facebook. Sure, you can create posts and send out letters to your followers, but Facebook isn’t really a business platform. That’s not to say that companies shouldn’t have Facebook pages, but Facebook really hasn’t proven itself as far as business is concerned. So, what is Facebook trying to accomplish with its new business help guide?

Facebook Wants to Help Businesses

Facebook is feeling a bit of pressure from Google. Presently, Google is in the process of trying to work out its G+ business kinks. Google wants businesses to feel comfortable using the new platform, and the company is working every day to build a better site for businesses. This means that Facebook will have to come up with some way to keep businesses. The other option is to lose businesses to Google Plus.

The fear of losing Facebook subscribers is a real one. Facebook has been slowing down lately as more people explore Google Plus. Twitter seems to be holding its own, but the general population is simply tired of Facebook, it seems. The new Facebook for businesses guide is supposed to help businesses see the potential that Facebook offers.

How the Guide Helps

The new Facebook guide brings business owners through the Facebook process. From setting up the right kind of page to customizing a Facebook page for mobile use, everything that you could ever want to know about setting up a Facebook page for a business is now available through the Facebook business guide.

Of course, Facebook also includes some ways that businesses can market their products. Suggestions to advertise on Facebook pop up periodically (not a completely crazy idea) while viewing the guide too. In addition to basic guidebook instructions, the Facebook guide also includes direct links. These links lead users to a set-up site – all of which are really simple to use.

Changing Your Facebook Account

If you think that creating a Facebook business page sounds like a good idea, Facebook has this covered too. The company recently created a seamless way for individuals to create a company Facebook page. By using the migration tool, you can send all of your personal information to a new business page. Your friends will become fans and you can choose the appropriate business category. The whole transition is a smooth one, though it’s important to note that you can’t go back to being an individual once a business page has been created.

If you’re not ready to scrap your individual profile just yet, you can still have two different profiles. Unlike Google Plus accounts, it is possible to handle a business and a personal account at once. Facebook is going to battle with Google over businesses, and right now it looks like the two sites are neck and neck.