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As much hope as the people who live in the United States have of a recovering economy, the truth of the matter is that the economy within the United States still looks bleak. This statement can be reinforced by recent jobless numbers. Thousands of people throughout the nation are without jobs.

The problem is that there aren’t that many jobs to be had – or are there? After taking a closer look at the jobs that are available within the U.S, Facebook execs and the U.S. Government are teaming up.
Seemingly, there are, in fact, lots of jobs out there, though these jobs are tough for job searchers to find.

In order to combat this problem, a new Facebook job search page called the Social Jobs Partnership has been set up. Within one night, the number of Facebook fans that the new page had rose from 1,000 to more than 3,000, and that number is still climbing. As it turns out, social media can help Americans find jobs quickly.

What Is the Social Jobs Partnership?

If you head to the Social Jobs Partnership Facebook page, you’ll find a nice and concise message from the U.S. Department of Labor. You’ll also find messages from a number of different job sources (mostly government run). The Facebook page is relatively new, so there’s not much happening on the page right now other than some information about the page launch and a few videos that you can watch.

Facebook execs have mentioned that they are considering running a free job site page. This page would look and act much like Craigslist’s job site. The difference is that the Facebook page would be backed by the government and spread to thousands of Facebook users across the nation. The history of social networking shows us that it is possible to send a message quickly across a social network, so why not job availability information?

Facebook Is Conducting Research

Right now, Facebook employees are conducting a great deal of research. The company is looking at college job centers, the way that people search for jobs, and how jobs could be more effectively spread throughout a larger percentage of the population. It seems that using a viral site such as Facebook for these efforts is a no-brainer. After all, millions of people use Facebook every single day.

Once the Social Jobs Partnership page gets rolling, people from all across the U.S. are bound to find job openings. Some may find a job in the city that they currently live in, though others may have to move to a different area in order to find the right position. Either way, watching the government team up with Facebook brings hope to many Americans who are currently trying to pay bills and buy groceries.

If you are in this boat, or you know someone who is, take the time to “like” the Social Jobs Partnership page. New updates and information will be added to the page soon. You can find a link to this page here: https://www.facebook.com/socialjobs?sk=wall.