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  • Familiar: A New Kind of Digital Picture Frame
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Digital picture frames are great if you can find out that’s inexpensive and efficient. The only problem with these frames is that you have to connect your camera or USB key to a frame in order to view pictures. This is fine if you intend to use a digital frame inside of your own home. If you want to send, for example, your brother photos of your kids, you’ll have to bring your camera to his home or send him photos via email. Well, now there’s a better way to share digital pictures.

Familiar is a website that just launched, and I have a hunch it’s going to be a popular one. Familiar allows people to share photos electronically, but that’s nothing new. What is new is the ability to share photos with someone, and have those photos show up on that person’s desktop in the form of a screensaver. How does Familiar work? Here’s a quick rundown.

Using Familiar

First, you’ll have to sign up for the service through the Familiar website (www.familiar.com). Once you’ve signed up, you can download photos, select who you want to send them to, have that person sign up for Familiar too, and share as many photos as you want. Using the recipient’s current screensaver program, Familiar will automatically send photos to that person’s desktop.

Even better, the recipient of the photos you send doesn’t have to be around when you send a new set of photos – all you have to do is send the photos, and the next time that person logs into their computer, a whole new slideshow of photos will appear.

Not only is this concept amazing, it’s also one that might kill the digital picture frame market. By turning a computer into a digital picture frame, sharing photos with someone you want to share pictures with is easier than ever before. You can connect to a Familiar account by providing basic information or by connecting through your existing Facebook account.

If you sign up using Facebook, you will be asked to select one or two people to share photos with. Once that’s done, you can set up the program by downloading it. The setup process is quick and simple. Familiar will also bring you through a quick tutorial during the setup process, which explains how to use the tool effectively.


Thanks to a simplified interface that’s really easy to use, Familiar is a tool that many people will find helpful. Familiar consists of many different arrows and drop-down menus that explain how to add people, create slideshows, and add photos to your account. When tested, this tool worked very well. If you have just a moment to read through the offered tutorial during installation, you will find that Familiar is as simple to use as any other basic tool available.

A Novel Idea

Not only is familiar a clever idea, it’s also one that will go far with the right marketing. If you’ve ever wished that you could share photos with family and friends simply and effortlessly, this is definitely the tool for you.