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  • FitBark: Exercise Tracker For Your Pet
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You've probably heard of FitBit (the exercise monitor for humans), but have you heard of FitBark? FitBark is an exercise and activity monitor for your dog. If you're a dog owner, you know how important it is for your pooch to get a good amount of exercise daily, right? Unfortunately, we aren't always at home and don't always have the time to walk our dogs around the clock. So, how do you know if your dog is actually getting enough exercise?

You can use FitBark. This small dog collar attachment will monitor your dog's activity according to goals that you set for your dog. This device comes with a home base device, a collar device, and iPhone apps. So, you can really monitor your dog's activity no matter where the god goes -- even from work.

Using FitBark

Imagine this scenario: you are at work, you've hired a dog walker for the day, and you want to be sure that your dog has actually been walked. You log into FitBark with your iPhone app or using your laptop or desktop, and you see what time your dog was walked, where your dog went, and how much exercise your dog got. Wouldn't that be great? You can also fire your dog walker if your dog never went for that walk.

While there are lots of dog gimmicks on the market, and plenty of room for more, FitBark appears to be one device that really was developed for the health of your dog. This device is also affordable, and includes a one time payment of $99 for the entire setup. Ready to purchase one?

A Startup Worth Funding

Presently, the FitBark team is running a campaign on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site. So, if you want a FitBark, you can buy one directly from the crowdfunding site, and support the FitBark team in the process. Dog owners everywhere rejoice -- you can now see if your dog is exercising daily. You can also tell if your dog isn't feeling well or isn't moving around very much (just look for inactivity).

Now, if they could only make a device like this for cats! Really, though, FitBark is a great little device that looks cute, won't bother your dog, and will let you keep tabs on your beloved pet all day long. To learn more about the company or to see FitBark in action via a handy video, check out the company's Kickstarter {{http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fitbark/fitbark-wearable-tech-for-your-dog|page}}. It's also worth pointing out that every dollar helps companies like these, so donate if you think that FitBark is a good idea.

We spend a lot of money and time keeping ourselves fit, so why not help our pets stay fit too? Got a dog? Get FitBark! This handy device will keep your dog out of the vet's office and also keep your dog's heart in better shape, and isn't that worth a mere $99? Make sure to check out FitBark today, and see what Fido is really up to while you are at work!