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  • Microsoft Joins the Fitness Tracker Trend
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Microsoft’s New Fitness Watch

Apple did it and Samsung did it too. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to jump into the fitness watch ring. The company has just filed a patent for a smartwatch that acts as a fitness tracker. While this fitness watch is still in development stage, the details are all there. Here’s what you can expect from Microsoft this coming fall (presumably).

Detach and Attach

The patent that Microsoft has just filed details a small electronic panel that can be worn and attached to a wristband. In addition, the panel can be removed from the band and attached to various fitness devices and equipment, so that the tracker can keep track of activity through those devices too. The device can track a user’s position using GPS technology, measure movement, and keep tabs on activity as a person goes through various fitness programs or simply moves regularly.

It makes sense for Microsoft to move into the fitness business. Since every other company on the planet (or so it seems) is creating a fitness watch of some kind, it’s Microsoft’s turn to get in line. Plus, Microsoft has recently purchased Nokia’s mobile device business, and that means that the company is lined up to make this move rather quickly. The patent that Microsoft has just filed proves that the company’s design for a fitness watch is on track too.

The Newest Thing

You can expect Microsoft’s new fitness watch to hit market shelves in the late fall, I’m going to guess September, when all the other new devices are bound to pop up. September is the perfect time for new devices, since the holiday season is just around the corner from that month. Really, when you think about it, the timing is perfect. It also look like everyone will want a smartwatch for the holidays this year, and these devices are expected to sell across the board. The question will soon be, which watch should you buy?

If you are looking at purchasing a smartwatch that doubles as a fitness tracker, I advise you to wait a few months to see what each company develops. Microsoft has done well with recent devices, so the smartwatch should prove to be decent competition for other fitness trackers already on the market. The thing that most people want to know, though, is whether or not smartwatches and fitness trackers will be the newest thing – or the newest trend to quickly fade. As with a lot of trendy new tech devices, the smartwatch might not actually outlast the hype that’s surrounding this type of new device.

Hopefully, Microsoft has created something that will stand up against all of the other fitness trackers and smartwatches on the market – but it’s hard to tell from a patent. You can expect, though, that the fitness tracker slash smartwatch battle will be heating up in the very near future. Will you be buying a watch like this one this year? Which company will you go with? Is Microsoft the winner here, or will you wait for Apple?