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  • Top Five Chrome Extensions
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Sometimes having a number of tools and apps to choose from can be anything but simple. Even though extensions were made to make life easier, that's hardly what happens when you have to pick a few from so many.

When it comes to Chrome, those options are even crazier. Hopefully, this list of top five Chrome extensions will help make things, you know, simpler. Here are five Chrome extensions that are worth your time!

1. LastPass: LastPass has been around for some time now, but I'm surprised that more people aren't using it! This extension remembers your passwords for you. Because, you know, you are supposed to use a different password for every account you have. This extension works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, is encrypted on your PC, and synchs all those passwords, so you can grab them no matter where you are.

2. Sticky Password Manager: Sticky Password Manager will keep all of your passwords in check too, but this extension also works offline - a real bonus for some people.

3. Pocket: are you tempted by awesome articles when you're working? Don't worry, we all do it. Sometimes, there's an article that you just don't want to miss, right? Well, Pocket will save all of those articles for you. Whenever you come across an article that you want to read at a later time, just stuff it in your Pocket.

4. JumpCut: JumpCut is a dream for anyone that cuts and pastes regularly. Cutting and pasting can be really time consuming if you go line-by-line. This extension lets you cut numerous lines at once, so you can pick and choose the lines that you want to paste instead of going back and forth.

5. Checker Plus for Gmail: check your Gmail a lot? Wish you didn't have to open up a new Gmail tab every time? Checker Plus for Gmail installs a little Gmail icon on your search bar. When you mouse over this icon, your current Gmail inbox emails pop up. You can see who emailed you, and there are tons of customization options too. Checker Plus for Gmail is also great for the seeing impaired, since this extension will actually read an email out loud to you if you are busy.

Lots More Extensions!

As I mentioned above, there are lots more Google Chrome extension to navigate through. Just to make your life easier, here are some additional extensions that you might like:

Search and Replace: lets you search and replace text in almost anything that you are looking at.

WP Writer: helping you to post on WordPress quickly

...and so many others. Did I miss some awesome extensions in this list? Got any other recs? Please feel free to post your favourite extensions below, or let me know if one of these isn't the best one you've tried out. When it comes to something like Chrome Extensions, it helps to know what other people think of each one! What's your favourite Chrome extension? Sound off!