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  • Flip MinoHD: Cheaper But Worth It?
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Flip video recorders gained a lot of press when these devices first hit the market. Lately, the appeal of flip video recorders has largely worn off due to the fact that Flip was purchased by Cisco, and then systematically discarded. Even though Flip is no more, Flip devices are still around. Lately, the Flip MinoHD has been talked about a lot.

There are two reasons why the Flip MinoHD is gaining a lot of attention lately. The first reason is that this flip recorder is a solid purchase for consumers looking to record specific types of videos. The second reason is that you can now purchase the Flip MinoHD for around $40 – more than half-off the original price of this device.

Why the Price Markdown?

The reasoning behind the Flip MinoHD price markdown is relatively simple to comprehend. Flip no longer exists, therefore the products that Flip once produced are now inexpensive to purchase. Amazingly, this video recorder originally retailed for more than $200, and many consumers purchased the device at this price.

With the lowered $40 price tag, some consumers are still willing to purchase a product that, technically, no longer exists. Why? There’s really nothing wrong with the Flip MinoHD. The fact remains that this recorder still works, still records videos, and still proves to be handy for those who are looking for a quick way to tape something. That brings me to the first reason why people might still purchase the Flip MinoHD: this is a decent device to purchase and own.

What the MinoHD Includes

Let’s start with the fact that the MinoHD is very small. How small? This recorder only weighs 4 ounces. That means that you can carry the MinoHD around with you inside of your pocket, and you can pull it out whenever you want to make a movie. In addition, this small recorder can tape up to one hour of HD video – not too shabby. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to expand record time, which might be one of the reasons why Cisco dropped the device.

The MinoHD is also great when it comes to sharing any video that you record. All you have to do is plug in the USB connector, and you can upload your video to any social network, YouTube or directly to your computer. Using this device is a cinch, and it’s almost a shame that Flip is no longer around or wanted by most consumers – but why is this? Simply put, smartphones took over any need to carry around a small pocket recorder. If you have a smartphone, you can record a short video, and most smartphones come with decent recording quality. Still, some people might prefer to record videos using a separate device.

Would You Use a MinoHD or Other Flip Recorder?

What do you think? Would you use a MinoHD or any other Flip recorder? Or, is your smartphone all that you need when it comes to recording videos. Keep in mind that the quality of the MinoHD is still better than the average smartphone recording capabilities, though smartphones are quickly catching up.

It may also be worth remembering that other video recording devices are on the market, and these devices appear to be here to stay. Still, someone out there may have a need for a compact recorder such as the MinoHD – are you that person? If so, check out the current $40 offering.