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  • Flipboard Now For Android Tablets Including Nexus 10
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Fans of hit news-reading app Flipboard on their Android smartphones can get excited with the new release of the app for Android tablets. Because let's face it: although it's pretty awesome to catch the latest news on the go, it's isn't as awesome to see it on your tiny phone screen.

What's more, the app will work on tablets such as the Samsung GALAXY Tab Series, GALAXY Note 10.1, and Nexus 10 at the request of Flipboard readers. Finally, Flipboard can be used on Android tablets, which may be why Android tablets sales are rising.

Android Purchases Going Up

Flipboard's head of international development, Eric Alexander, says it isn't releasing this version of the app only because it's the number one request from readers. One of the main reasons is that they've noticed Android getting a lot more attention these days. In fact, the sale of Android devices is on the rise.

So much so, the sale of iPads in the third quarter declined 14 percent from the second quarter. Analysts predict the Android following will steadily increase over time, some even going so far as to predict Android tablets will outsell iPads in the first half of 2013.

Alexander said Flipboard sees consumers turning to Android tablets increasingly, and as such, wanted to assure users could continue using the app even if they'd made the switch from iOS to Android. After all, it's what the users told the company they wanted most, and you've got to give the people what they want.

Users will be treated to bigger excerpts from stories and a longer list of favorite story titles, all thanks to the wider-screened Android tablets. To assure this would be the case, the company has been working alongside Samsung for the past year to guarantee the app performs up to par on their tablets.

About Flipboard

For about two years now, Flipboard has been available in the App Store for iOS users. This June, the company expanded its availability to include Android smartphones, Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble's Nook eReaders. They are 20 million plus users strong and with this latest release for Android tablets, will likely exceed that number quickly. In August, when the company celebrated two years of service, the company reported the app had 1.5 million daily visitors, as well as a new user joining each second.

The app integrates the users' choice of social media accounts into its feed of local news, blog posts the reader is following, and world news. Flipboard said their users share an estimated 3 billion news items each and every month, and do so in more than 200 contries. Flipboard is used most often in the US, China, the UK, Japan, and Canada.

Pick the app up for free in the Google Play Store. For those who are already using Flipboard on their Android smartphone, Kindle, Nook, or other device with a seven-inch screen, you will have the choice to continue using the current edition or to upgrade to this new release. Find Flipboard for the Nook and Kindle Fire in their app stores.