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  • Flite Design Studio: Making Mobile Migration Easier
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The use of mobile devices to view web pages is increasing at breakneck speeds. Ad tech company Flite noticed mobile traffic grew 80 percent in October since a year ago. The problem: devices like the iPhone, a definite leader in the mobile arena, don't support Flash animation.

This is big with advertisers, but as the world shifts to mobile, they are realizing they need to change just as fast as the mobile website viewing demographic. Switching over to mobile, though, isn't always simple.

Flite's response to this realization was to release an updated version of the Flite Design Studio web-based software built just for HTML5 instead of Flash. This will allow advertisers to keep up and get noticed in the mobile world, and give them an easy way to get into the new trend of multiscreen advertising and HTML5, paving the way to eradicating Flash.

Differences From Google

But doesn't Google offer the same thing? While it's true Google does offer a similar service in their Web Designer product, their model differs a bit. Google's Web Designer software must be downloaded to your PC before you can build any ads or websites in HTML5.

Flite takes advantage of the cloud, and offers Design Studio in the web browser. It brings the element of collaboration into the picture, essential when building the website of a business.

And There's More

Another thing that sets it apart on a bit of a higher pedestal than Google's product: it's easier to use. You don't need to possess one bit of coding knowledge. The interface is easy for anyone to use. You can rely on the products you already use -- like Adobe Illustrator -- and simply import files over to Design Studio.

Wonder what that page you worked so hard to design will look like on a user's tablet or smartphone? The preview function allows you to see what it will look like without requiring you to publish the page and visit it on a separate device. Ads are easy to edit, there is no need to export new files each time you wish to make a change.

Add different components to your ad with ease thanks to drag-and-drop elements like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS, and others. Just drop it where you want it, and you can see exactly how that button will appear on-screen as well as how it will work.

One Similarity

There's one area where the two are the same: they are free of charge. Flite allows you to build the ads for free, and will make a bit of money serving these newly created ads.

It is designed to be similar to creative applications like Adobe products, also cloud-based at this point, so you can feel comfortable immediately. If you really don't have the know-how to start the entire ad from scratch, you can rely on many of their templates. If you do, you are able to create any kind of ad imaginable, no matter the format.

Does cloud-based Design Studio interest you?