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  • FLUD: Another News Site Pops Up
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If there’s one thing that we can learn from the recent slew of news sites and apps, it’s that consumers (as a whole) want to be more informed. Not only do consumers want to be informed, but they want to be informed from all angles. No longer will a one-side article from a right or left-wing paper suffice. Today’s people want to know what the world thinks about worldly issues.

The latest news app to pop up is called FLUD. While I hate the name of this app, FLUD is offering consumers a news app that’s really a lot different from the rest (thankfully!). Just today, FLUD announced some interesting new changes to the app that news fans across the world will find intriguing and useful. If you have FLUD, below you’ll find out all about those changes. If you don’t have FLUD, you might want to consider getting this app.

New FLUD Changes

FLUD has decided to add a bit of social networking to the app. So, now you can bookmark news stories, devise a page of news content that you like, and share these stories through the usual social networks (Twitter, Facebook…). In addition, you can simply, with one tap, see what other people in your social networks have read. For example, if you want to know what your boss is reading, all you have to do is mosey on over to your boss’ FLUD page Then, next time you see him, you can start talking about the same news articles – genius, isn’t it? You could also use the same tactic with someone you want to have something in common with at a dinner party.

See how quickly the world is becoming a smaller place?
Of course, you’ll have to invite people who are liked-minded, or people who you want to share ideas with, to FLUD in order to see what people are reading. This can be done easily enough by sharing the news of a, well, news service with those around you. After all, who doesn’t want to add another news app to their smartphone lineup? FLUD has actually been around for some time now, though the social media aspect of this news app is relatively new. Right now, FLUD’s new updates are only available for use with the iPhone, but this is likely to change very soon.

Setting Up the App

FLUD is a free app that’s available through the App Store and the Android Marketplace respectively. After creating an account, using this app is simple enough. You can look for friends on Twitter who are already using the account, add news stories, follow people, and let people follow you. The interface is clean and smooth, and you won’t have any problems using this app.

It will be interesting to see whether or not FLUD makes headlines with the app’s new features. Right now, a lot of people use FLUD, but I’m betting that a lot more people would use this app if they were to hear about it. Let’s go, FLUD users, it’s time to help this app spread the word!