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  • Ford Crosses the Tech Barrier
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Just a few months ago, Bloomberg announced that American auto sales were up (and surpassing foreign auto sales). Today, Ford announced that the company intends to open up a technology laboratory in Silicon Valley, California. Crossing over into tech territory makes good sense for Ford (as it does for any car manufacturer). After all, it’s a technical world, and car companies have to keep up with evolving consumerism just as much as any other company does.

Ford has been attempting to keep up with technology more than others companies, too. Not too long ago, Ford introduced Synch and MyFordMobile – two advancements that have gained consumer attention. Add these technological advances to a car company that has been producing some great cars lately, and you may have the rise of the American automobile once again.

Partnerships Galore

Ford execs know that they can’t develop new technology on their own – or, developing new technology with the help of skilled and seasoned hands is always a better course of action. So, instead of keeping the car company’s advancements in-house, Ford has made arrangements and is in talks with numbers Valley tech companies. In addition, Ford is looking to the future of technology by teaming up with various universities in the area.

Ford has told press that the company is focusing on the next 100 years of car technology. Could this mean that Ford will be the first company to produce a flying car or the next best automobile? While seemingly far-fetched, let’s not forget that Ford made some of the first automobile advancements in the history of automobiles. Now, it seems, the great American car company is ready to make a name for itself once again.

American Made

Consumers are loving what Ford is doing right now. Not only is Ford forging ahead with new advancements, but the company is keeping all of its new tech (for now) and most of its assembly line development in the USA. This is huge news for a failing and ailing American car industry. Perhaps, just perhaps, more people will buy Ford automobiles in the near future if the company can prove that it can produce quality cars and trucks once again.
At some point in history, Ford automobiles were the vehicles to own.

Then, Ford (like all other American car companies) began to water-down its brand by having parts made in foreign factories. Consumers responded to these cheaply made cars and trucks by buying automobiles from other companies. As the recent Bloomberg report (mentioned above) has stated, American consumers are purchasing American cars once again, and this is promising news to a country that desperately needs consumers to purchase goods that are made in the USA.

Ford plans to narrow down a Silicon Valley location in early 2012 (so, any month now). Ford also plans to unveil its MyFord Mobile app at an upcoming tech event. Stay tuned for more from Ford – you’re bound to hear a lot about this car company within the near future.