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Many foreign language programs can be dizzying. When learning a new language, it’s important to choose a program that suits your personal learning style. Some software focuses upon immersion learning while other programs encourage character-simulated conversation. Aside from a few selection programs, most language software is easily affordable. Language software can be purchased from $25+.
Tell Me More Premium -- $200+
Tell Me More Premium is one of the most inclusive language programs on the market. This software includes 850 hours of instruction in addition to both graphic intonation and speech recognition functions. All Tell Me More Premium software also includes up to 4,500 different activities that help users learn a language faster. Personalization options also add to Tell Me More Premium’s attractiveness.
ELanguage Learn to Speak Deluxe -- $40+
ELanguage Learn to Speak Deluxe is the ultimate language software for travelers. This software uses speech recognition technology, which helps users through difficult pronunciations. Uniquely, ELanguage Learn to Speak Deluxe includes a variety of characters that interact with users. This interaction allows users to converse freely in a foreign language. ELanguage Learn to Speak Deluxe is available in French, German, English, and Spanish.
Talk Now! -- $35+
Talk Now! is the best software to use when it comes to unusual languages. This software is available in more than 100 different languages, and helps users focus on specific topics. Listening exercises, games, speech exercises, and a handy dictionary (printable) make this language software one of the best available.
KidSpeak -- $26+
As the name of this software suggests, KidSpeak was developed for kids 12 years or younger. This immersion-type software uses games to teach children a new language. Each KidSpeak set contains more than 700 vocabulary words that will have kids speaking in a new tongue quickly. KidSpeak also plays upon repetition, which is one style of learning that most children respond well to.
Rosetta Stone -- $200
Rosetta Stone has gained both praise and criticism. Some people prize this software for the immersion learning technique that made the software famous. Others feel that a lack of a mother tongue translation is confusing. Regardless, Rosetta Stone is used and trusted by thousands of people around the world. Rosetta Stone software can be purchased in levels beginning with level one. Once a learner has passed a certain level, the next level can be purchased. Learners must be willing to become completely immersed in a Rosetta Stone program, since this software does not include any English (or other) instruction.
Berlitz -- $39+
Berlitz is another immersion language program that some people may find challenging. This software comes in a number of different languages. Text, audio, and video lessons make Berlitz a truly complete language learning program. Some Berlitz versions work with portable devices, such as iPods, which make learning a language on the go easier. Word games, flash cards, and a great dictionary add to Berlitz’s appeal. Berlitz software also records any words that students have difficulty with, and learners can revisit these words at a later date.