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  • Glancee App is Making Local Connections
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Glancee is one of the most recent location-based, social networking apps on the market. The internet and social networking giants, like Facebook, have connected people on a global scale, like never before. Some people are concerned, however, that all of this connection online, might mean less connection in our day-to-day lives. For this reason, several apps like Glancee have made their way to the Apple and Android app markets. Glancee uses ambient location data from the user's smartphone to let the user see who they might know or want to know in their area.

It's one thing to have a lot of friends online, but it wont due you much good when you want someone to go get coffee with, if your online friends live hundreds of miles away. The free Glancee app works with Facebook and is compatible on Apple and Android devices, and is also available directly as a Facebook app. The user signs in to Glancee with his or her Facebook account, then uses information shared about interests and likes on Facebook and matches the data with people in his or her area who are compatible.

When it comes to using the internet to locate people, especially strangers, some people can get a little squeamish. Stranger danger is a real thing, and it can be uncomfortable putting oneself out there on an application like this. The information available about you on Glancee is limited to the public information posted on Facebook, and there is no pressure to connect with anyone you don't want to.

Glancee isn't the only ambient location-based social networking app, but it certainly stands apart. It was designed to give you the most connections without flooding your inbox with notifications. Users don't have to worry about a bunch of spam in their email, because information about possible connections is only accessible within the app. Glancee only sends the most relevant information, like when an actual contact or person of interest in nearby. It also is able to work constantly in the background without using much battery power.

The app uses GPS technology built-in to the user's phone and works while in his or her pocket. Glancee searches within a radius of a few hundred yards, for people within your network, or who might have shared interests. The app is great for letting you know when your current friends are in your neighborhood, and helping you meet new people.

Another impressive feature of Glancee, is how it matches potential friends. The app collects information posted on Facebook, based on the user's indicated likes. People can like all kinds of things on Facebook, from restaurants to laundry detergent and athletes to TV shows. Glancee connects potential friends based on how many likes you have in common. What is even more impressive, is that the system uses a Wikipedia listing to make connections based on similar likes. For example, a person who likes the show Weeds might get a suggested connection for someone who likes Breaking Bad, based on the similarities of the