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  • Google's New Personalized Ad Service
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Google has a new opt-in tool that allows Google users to see what the company has been collecting about them. The new services provides Google users with the option to see personalized ads on non-Google websites. These ads are based on information that Google already gathers about you if you use Google services regularly.

The main difference between the new Google tool option and other sites that collect details and target ads is that the Google opt-in is exactly that - an opt-in. Most other companies simply target ads based on user data, and users have to opt-out in order to stop seeing those ads.

Turning On the New Ad Tool

If you want to see what kinds of details Google has logged about you, you can go to your Google account page to view the types of data that Google has gathered already. From there, you can select the option to see personalized ads or leave the box unchecked if you do not want to see those ads.

Most people will probably not want to opt-in for more targeted advertising. Then again, targeted ads can be helpful when it comes to researching a product or service. With these ads, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for what you want because Google will just bring it all to you. Of course, this is a good and bad thing so think wisely before you opt-in.

Opting Out Completely

The fact that you happen to see a lot of targeted ads isn’t accidental. Google gathers information on your search patterns when you use a Google site. This type of advertising is called a sign-in ad, and Google uses its own cookies to track and record your data.

If you don’t want Google tracking anything that you do online at any time, you can opt-out of Google tracking completely by using the Chrome extension called IBA Opt-Out. This Chrome extension allows you to stop Google from tracking your information when you use any Google product. If you do not opt out and use that extension, Google will track your details online.


Google has already rolled out the new advertising feature but not entirely. If you can access this opt-in option, it will be available to you after Google has sent you a notification about privacy setting changes. Everyone that has the option to opt-in will be sent a notification email. If you do get such an email from Google, make sure to read it carefully as it will contain detailed information about this new advertising option.

It’s interesting that Google is choosing to allow people to opt-into the new personalized advertising option. This could be a marketing ploy. It could also be a way to be open and honest with users. Then again, Google is already tracking your details and what you do online, so this isn’t such a major stretch in the way of honesty. You can opt-into personalized tracking easily, but in order to opt-out of regular Google tracking, you’ll have to download that Chrome extension.