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  • Google Gets Religious
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Ramadan is about to begin for Muslims all around the world. During this month, those who practice Ramadan do not eat from dawn until dusk, as a form of faith. Studies have shown that during this month, Arabic soap opera television viewing tends to increase and YouTube videos along with it. In order to pay respect to Muslims around the globe, and to gain more YouTube viewers, Google has decided to dedicate one YouTube channel directly to Ramadan and to Arabic soap operas. The popular soap operas will be available on the same day that they air on television, so people can watch these shows from work or anywhere else.

There’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Google’s choice to support Muslims practicing Ramadan. Some feel as though Google should do the same thing for all other religions, but the fact of the matter is that Google does support holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah already. Further, it just so happens that there are a lot of YouTube viewers and Google fans out there who also happen to be practicing Muslims. In some manner, this new move by Google is a strategic business move that makes a great deal of sense.

Google Gets Plus In on the Action Too

You have to remember that Google isn’t a tiny company anymore. Currently, Google owns YouTube, Google Plus, Picasa, Motorola, and many, many, many, others. So, when Google decides that one of its factions should support a holiday like Ramadan, other Google sites and networks will also support the same decision. That’s why Google is also dedicating 30 different Google plus hangouts to Ramadan – but not just to the holiday itself.

Instead of just devoting thirty Google Plus channels to Ramadan generally, Google will be showcasing 30 Google Plus Ramadan cooking channels. These channels will feature celebrity chefs who prepare delicious Ramadan meals. Anyone can tap into these channels and see what eating during Ramadan is like while following along with a celebrity chef. In short, Google is really putting its best foot forward this Ramadan season, and there’s no doubt that the company will gain lots of new fans based on its support of the Muslim faith.

A Google Doodle Coming?

One of the things that Google fans have come to love about the company are Google Doodles. Typing “let it snow” during the winter season will result in tiny snowflakes appearing on screen. If you were to type “Chuck Norris” in your Google search bar, you would likely laugh at Google’s snarky “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris, because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” So, will Google put up a doodle on the homepage for Ramadan or will something happen when you type the word “Ramadan” into the Google search bar? There’s been no word from Google yet on the matter, but it seems likely that the company will create something just for those who celebrate the holy Muslim holiday. If you celebrate Ramadan, what do you think of Google’s support? Will you check out the YouTube videos or spend some time cooking with a celebrity chef on Google Plus?