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  • What's the Deal With Google Glass?
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I'm a bit of a late comer to Google Glass. Headline after headline has been printed covering the glass for weeks. But, I largely thought (and still somewhat think) that Google Glass is just a phase, something that will fade out. Yet, the Glass refuses to go away. So, I decided to dig a little deeper into the Google Glass confusion.

If you've only seen short news clips that cover the basics of Google Glass, you'll want to read this article. If you are like me and think it's a fad, you'll want to read this article. If you are -- heck, just read this article if you want to know more about Google's latest invention!

The Google Glass Scoop

Google wants to be the "third half of your brain." What's meant by that is Google's new glasses will mine data for you, allow you to take videos and photos as you see life, and provide you will all kind of data. You can talk to these glasses, and they will respond by offering you on-screen information. Essentially, Google's glass will be a wearable computer -- "smart" glasses, if you will.

I'm sure you've seen pictures of Google's new glasses. They are thin and wire-rimmed with a small box-like fixture over one eye. This box is where information will be displayed. In a way, Google glasses are kind of like Iron Man's helmet. Only, Google's version of wearable computing is thinner and won't cause hat head.

What the Glass World Will Look Like

Google's glasses go on sale towards the end of 2013, and these glasses will retail for a little over $1000. Google has announced today that prescription versions of the glasses will also be available for the seeing impaired.

At this price, you don't have to worry too much about everyone around you wearing Google glasses. But, that price is likely to drop over time if, and when, the idea catches on and competitors begin to develop similar designs.

People will be walking the streets near you wearing these glasses, talking to the air, and really living in a world filled with instant eye-level (or just above eye-level) information. We will likely become a society of automatons (well informed ones, yes, but automatons all the same) as soon as these glasses become a necessity.

Social interaction will begin to dissipate further, if that's possible. More worrisome, though, is the idea that Google could put a slurry of ads right in front of you. Imagine being bombarded with ads day and night at eye level! Then again, new technology is usually a good thing, and might have some benefits. After all, the telephone was largely novelty when it was created, and people could not fathom using email in place of letter writing.

The Future of Google Glass

Google's glasses were largely a mere idea for a long time. However, Google is one of the few companies on the planet that actually has enough money to turn ideas into reality. Will you see people wearing Google glasses in the near future? Yes; but unless that price drops, these glasses won't be everywhere.