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  • Designer Google Glasses Are Here!
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There were some rumors a while ago that certain fashion designers would be teaming up with Google to create some Google Glass options that aren’t so, well, ugly.

If Google Glass looked more like the best pair of sunglasses you own, more people would buy them – that’s the logic behind the new partnership with designer Diane von Furstenberg, anyway.

If the design of Google Glass has been holding you back from buying your own pair, this new pair-up might be just what you have been looking for.

The Strange New Google Glass Look

Google is really trying to market the designer Glass eye pieces. So much so that fashion models can be seen rocking the look down runways, but it’s still hard to pull it off – even for a seasoned fashion model. Let’s face it, any kind of Google Glass looks odd, too techie, and completely futuristic, and that’s not a look that some people are at all comfortable with. But, Diane von Furstenberg begs to differ.

Sold exclusively through fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, the Furstenberg glasses are an odd mix between a pair of fashion glasses and the chunkiness that is Google Glass. Google has also teamed up with Ray Ban and Luxottica to create additional designer frames, but those glasses won’t be available until 2015. At the moment, the only Glass that you can actually buy are the von Furstenburg ones.

Where and When

As stated, you have to go through Net-A-Porter in order to buy the new Furstenberg glasses. The glasses will go on sale starting June 23. As far as the price goes, well, what did you expect when Google announced that the already expensive Glass would be mixed with a high-end designer label? Certainly not a lowered price!

You can buy the new glasses for around $1700 for prescription frames, and just a bit less for those that don’t come with a doctor’s RX. Google is, of course, hoping that the new stylish frames (debatable) will attract more consumers that were initially turned off by the look of the overly odd Google Glass originals.

Still, the price is really high – even for Google Glass wrapped in designer frames. The glasses will do everything that the original Google Glass does, but you can look somewhat cooler now that the glasses have that designer twist. To some, Google Glass is innovative and exciting, but the idea of people walking around with these designer frames is also somewhat frightening. Does our world really need to be further submersed in technology?

Do we have to be more connected than we already are? Or, more absorbed than we already are? Some argue the exact opposite and push against things like Google Glass. Others will be amongst the first to sign up for these new shades – they are designer, after all. What do you think? Will you fork over thousands to wear the new designer glasses, or are you just tired of all the tech? Google is hoping that you’re not tired of it all yet!