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Google Mail (Gmail) has become extremely popular throughout the past few years. When it comes to mail, Google always seems to get it right. Not only is Gmail easy to use, but it’s also a lot of fun to personalize. Users can choose from an array of themes and set ups that make Gmail an ideal mail program.

Google is constantly working to better its services. Gmail is no exception to this rule. Beginning at the time of this writing, a wide array of new Gmail options are now available. These options are presently in test mode, but they will be ready for everyday use in the near future. If you have a few moments to play around with the new Gmail options (as we did), you’ll find out why there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Gmail these days.

Different Buttons

Email should be easy to use. While Gmail is already simple to operate, Google wants to make this mail program even easier. Users can now test out different Gmail buttons including a large red “compose” button that should make composing a message more apparent.

In addition to new button options, Google will also offer users different color palettes, overall color schemes, and various other goodies. The result of a completely reconfigured Gmail inbox is clean, personalized, and relatively stunning.

Why the Redesign?

If Gmail is one of the best email programs available, why is Google attempting to redesign it? The answer to this question is relatively simple. As a Google representative stated earlier this week, Google wants to keep up with the changing times.
Modernizing Gmail is one way for Google to attract new Gmail users while keeping current users interested.

Google has stated that the new Gmail options are still in the trial stage, but you can check out the beta version of the new Gmail by heading to the main Gmail page.

Is the New Gmail Earth Shattering?

Maybe the new Gmail format won’t change your life drastically, but it’s nice to know that a giant company such as Google is paying attention. The Internet changes daily. As the Internet changes, new email programs pop up. Instead of losing customers to these new programs, Google stays on top by keeping Gmail current.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the new Gmail options are worthwhile. Then again, customizing any email program to fit your personal preferences makes for easy emailing. If you have a chance to check out Google’s latest offering, go ahead and configure your Gmail to suit your tastes.

We’ve tested the new Gmail here at R-TT, and we like what we see. Google has always been all about keeping up with the latest trends. Whether it’s a repeated attempt at gaining a slice of the social networking pie or keeping up-to-date with other search engines, Google aims to stay on top of your Internet life. Do you need the new Gmail? That depends on your current level of satisfaction with the existing Gmail. Should you check out the new Gmail? Absolutely.