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  • Google Play Apps On Sale This Weekend
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Black Friday may mark the beginning of some super holiday sales, but these sales certainly didn’t end last night. Throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend, numerous apps available on Google Play are on sale. Most of these apps are smartphone-based, but Google developers are also offering some reading and other apps for the Google crowd. Google is one of the first companies to offer discounted apps to users, and it’s an excellent move.

Why Google’s Move is a Good One (and Why It’s Bad For App)

Many retailers cash in on the Black Friday shopping craze. Consumers spend thousands of dollars and retailers reap the benefits of this shopping day. Google wants a piece of that pie. Further, Android users want apps that are on sale. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to find deals elsewhere, but not when it comes to popular apps, right? So far, the tactic is working out very well for Google. Numerous consumers have found lots of excellent apps on sale in the Google Play store.

If you’re looking to bump up your app selection this weekend, make sure to hit the Play store (sorry, iOS users, there aren’t many great Apple Store app sales to check out). What kinds of apps can you find at a discounted price? For starters, many popular Android apps are now discounted included Documents to Go, Swift Key, and others. But, Google didn’t stop there. Books, movies, and music are all on sale too.

Book, Movie, and Music Offers

If you wan to get your hands on a book, some tunes, or a classic movie this weekend, make sure to check out what Google Play has to offer. Some popular titles now on sale include The Hobbit, Serenity, The Big Lebowski, and many different song titles from popular artists like Diana Krall. Really, it’s worth browsing the Google Play store to see what’s available – especially if you’re still in that shopping mode.

Not only is Google offering sales on awesome apps, music, movies, and books, but you can find some excellent Android devices on sale too. If you’re looking for an Android tablet or phone, this weekend might prove to be the one time you’ll find deep discounts. Google’s main competitor, Apple, offers users a one-day Apple Store sale, but Google is the only company offering sales all weekend long. It’s also safe to state that Google’s deals are much bigger than what Apple is offering.

To check out the weekend-long Google deals, simply head to the Google Play store and see what the company has on sale. There are so many different sales that it’s nearly impossible to list them all here, but it’s hard not to suggest that you see what Google has done this holiday season for its loyal users. Will Google offer sales during the upcoming Christmas season? It’s hard to say, but Google has done so well this Thanksgiving weekend that it’s difficult to imagine the company not cashing in on the whole holiday shopping craze.