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  • Google Wants to Put Your Face Up In Times Square
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Google wants you to advertise for Chromebook. How? By submitting a photo to Google. If your photo is interesting enough, it could wind up in Times Square for all the world to see. Need further explanation?

Google is asking the world at large to submit all kinds of photos. Photos of animals, photos of people, babies, landscapes, kids – you name it. Everyone who submits a photo will see that photo on the Chromebook photo page (link below). Photos that are particularly interesting will be displayed on a massive screen in Times Square.

So far, people have been submitting all kinds of photos. Which ones will wind up on the Times Square screen is up to Google’s discretion. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing your face on the Times Square screen, now’s your big chance. All you have to do is snap away, add some clever words, and show Google that you are a professional photographer in disguise.

The Photo Rules

Yes, there are some rules that you have to follow. First, you can’t add a photo that depicts someone in the nude. You also can’t post any really crude photos. As far as captions go, you have to skip those “bad” words and keep it clean. Once submitted, your photo will appear on this {{https://www.galleryforeveryone.com/|link}} . If Google loves what you snap, your photo could then be displayed along with advertisements for Chromebook. Your name will also appear alongside the photo you snap.

If you happen to have a knack for taking great Instagram pictures, you might want to brose through your photos and post a few on the Google site. You won’t get paid for your work, but all those people who visit Times Square might see your photo. Further, Google may display your photo in all Chromebook ads. If Google would agree to provide you with some profits, that would be even better – but no such luck. Seemingly, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve snapped photo with a camera, iPhone, Android phone or other device. Google just wants to see great photos.

Why Google Is Doing This

Displaying an ad in Times Square isn’t cheap. So, why is Google spending so much money on this Chromebook campaign? Mostly because it’s free advertising. It also helps that most people love to display their photos, faces, pets, kids, and other interests. Google makes people happy, gets some free advertising, and you get to show the world that you are an excellent photographer. It’s a win-win situation.

Before you post any photos, make sure that your friends and family members are okay with the picture you took. It’s also important to note that you must be at least 13 years of age to post a photo.

Adding a photo is really quite easy to do thanks to a drag-and-drop feature. In the end, you can have your photo in Times Square or on the Google site at the very least. Do you take good photos? Do you have a million followers on Instagram? Go ahead and give the Google page a shot – who knows, Google may love the world that you do.