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GPS-enabled phones are a two-in-one package deal. These phones still function as, well, phones, but you can turn them around, mount them on your windshield, and create an instant hands-free GPS navigation device. GPS-equipped cell phones also have the unique ability to gain instant, and up-to-date, traffic reports. While most phones these days come with GPS capabilities, some phones are forging ahead of the rest into GPS territory.
Note: all prices were approximate at the time of this writing.
Nokia X6 -- $24+ (Depending on Plan)
The Nokia X6 has advanced GPS capabilities. Map images are clearly displayed on this phone, and it’s easy to mount the X6 to most spots inside of your car. The one drawback to the X6 is that this phone is bulky. The X6 keyboard can use a remodel, though the media player and camera that come with this phone are top-notch. If you’re looking for functionality over style, the Nokia X6 is a good option.
HTC Desire – $30+ (Depending on Plan)
The Desire is definitely desirable. Aptly named, this phone is sleek and chic. It also has excellent image quality, is lightweight, and is user-friendly. Across the board, the HTC Desire has earned top marks. Maps are crystal clear when displayed on this phone, and propping the Desire up on a GPS rack is simple. Easily one of the best GPS-enabled phones on the market, the HTC Desire is not to be missed.
Apple iPhone 3GS – $40 (Depending on Plan)
Apple has (once again) impressed cell phone users across the nation with the iPhone 3GS. The 3GS is fast and has a great battery life. In true Apple form, this iPhone displays colors brilliantly, and gives some GPS navigational tools a good run. The 3GS also comes with everything that an Apple phone should come with (a great keyboard, excellent video recording and dialing), but it also comes with a high price tag. If you’re in the market for a top-end phone it’s (still) hard to beat the iPhone.
Samsung Galaxy S -- $40+ (Depending on Plan)
The Samsung Galaxy is frequently compared to the iPhone. While this phone looks a lot like the iPhone it might be better than the iPhone. The Galaxy was a well-planned phone, and this is evident from first sight. Web-browsing, texting, and playing any kind of media on this phone is simple and efficient. As a GPS device, the Samsung Galaxy is highly functional, portable, and generally everything that you could want in a GPS-enabled cell phone. If you can’t afford the iPhone – even if you can -- the Galax S is the phone for you.