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  • This Is the Ultimate Charging Platform
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Got lots of devices that need regular charging? If so, you need the new PowerDock 5 from Griffin. This charging platform can hold up to five different devices at once, letting you charge everything you need without skipping a beat. Griffin has just launched the PowerDock 5, and so far this dock is looking far more than a little bit promising. The PowerDock 5 looks like rack and can easily accommodate five different sized devices. Further, Griffin has created an adaptor and car charger to the company’s lineup.

Inside the Griffin PowerDock 5: Small, Sleek, and Very Useful

The PowerDock 5 comes with a series of USB ports. Griffin is billing the PowerDock 5 for use with Apple products, but any device that can fit into the toast rack-type slots can easily be added to the PowerDock. To use, simply slide a device into a rack, plug the device into a USB port, and connect the whole dock to a power outlet. The PowerDock is sleek enough to sit next to your bedside or on a countertop and comes in a nice pristine white. The PowerDock 5 will retail for around $100, and this device will be available in the springtime.

While $100 might seem like a lot to pay for a charging device, Griffin’s PowerDock 5 is really the first of its kind, and you’ll save a lot of hassle, clutter, and headache by plugging various-sized devices into one charging dock. Griffin has also created a new adaptor and car charger using the company’s ChargeSensor technology.

ChargeSensor automatically detects the power needs of any given device and doles out energy based on these needs. Both the adaptor and car charger will be available in the spring as well. Griffin is pricing the PowerBlock adaptor at $30 and the PowerJolt car charger at $25. This is not the first foray into multiple device chargers that griffin has created, but it is the first 5-charger dock that the company has put out.

Griffin’s First Generation PowerDock 2

If you don’t want to wait for the PowerDock 5 or don’t have five devices to charge at once, you might take a look at Griffin’s other best selling dock. The PowerDock 2 can handle two Apple-sized iPhone or iPod simultaneously. You can place two iPhones or two iPods next to each other on the PowerDock 2. Griffin’s PowerDock 2 retails for $49.95 and can be purchased right now through Griffin’s main site or through various retailers.

Needless to say, Griffin largely has the market cornered when it comes to charging docks. The company has been hailed for its solid products, sleek designs, and relatively reasonable pricing. Whether you want a dock for five Apple products or just two, Griffin’s PowerDocks are definitely worth looking into. Stay tuned for more information about the PowerDock 5 and other items popping up from Griffin. It certainly seems like the company is working on getting a whole new line of gadgets out just in time for the 2013 spring.