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  • Skullcandy Makes Headphones Just For The Ladies
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Ladies, are you looking for a stylish way to enjoy your tunes? Check out the newest additions to Skullcandy's line of headphones – the Knockout, the Bombshell, and the Dime. They're the perfect way to add that fashionable touch that still delivers quality sound, designed exclusively for a woman's ears.

That's right, their research proves that men and women hear sounds differently, so it's more than just offering headphones in pink colors with pretty designs.

They have found that women are able to hear ten times the low frequency sounds than men are able to hear at low volumes. What does that mean? Women don't need their headphones to be tuned in the same fashion as typical headphones available on the market today.


These headphones are tuned just for women, customizing the EQs of the Knockout on-ear headphones and the Bombshell and Dime earbuds, and adding fun artwork and feminine color palettes. The Knockout comes in ten different colors, like citrus chartreuse, silver, royal blue, and aquatic teal. The most important part, especially with the earbuds, is that they are designed to fit a woman's ear canal better than other options on the market.

Whether you're a girly-girl or not, you'll appreciate that they relied on science to design these headphones, making comfort a top priority. What you get: clean, deep bass and the most natural sounding vocals, something that the ladies find important in their listening experience.

The Knockout earphones come complete with memory foam cushions covered in premium fabric for maximum comfort. You know how traditional earphones can clamp down on your head, usually wrecking your hair? Not anymore – the headband is fitted and adjusted with a woman's head in mind, and stylish to boot. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to suit your own sense of personal style


The Knockout's design includes a foldable hinge, reducing the size of the headphones by 40 percent. That means you're able to carry them around more easily, and stow them in the included matching wristlet. The wristlet is made with premium materials to match your headphones, complete with carry strap and zipper closure, with room inside to store other things you might need to carry around.

Its detachable cable virtually eliminates the dreaded cable tangle, effectively adding life to the headphones. Plus, it gives you a way to customize your overall look. It can be used as an auxiliary cord for other devices, too. It features a three-button in-line mic and volume control, giving you the power to take and make calls. Of course, you can adjust the volume and change the track with them, too.

The Bombshell features the same custom tuning and color selection, and adds two sizes of oval shaped gels for a custom fit. They are highly durable and flexible for maximum comfort. Their Pureclean ear gels discourage the buildup of gross materials your ears can sometimes leave behind. The in-ear Fix technology provides ultimate noise isolation along with perfect fit. The best of both worlds! Tote them in the custom clasp case.

The Dime brings the same Pureclean ear gels for hygiene, along with Off-axis technology that allows these earbuds to fit even the oddest shaped ear canal. This brings not only stability and comfort, but perfection in acoustic performance. Choose your favorite color from a wide assortment of options, along with a cinch bag to tote them in.


Looking to get a pair for yourself? Pick up the Knockout for $99.99, the Bombshell for $49.99, and the Dime for $29.99.