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  • The Hero 3: One Tough Little Camera
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A good digital camera should be tough. But, that camera also has to be small enough to carry around. Small also means light, which is something that GoPro understood when developing the latest camera in its lineup, the Hero 3. Never heard of GoPro? This camera company has been around for some time now, though not nearly as popular as, say, Nikon or Canon. GoPro produces cameras that are usually waterproof and built to take a beating. The Hero 3 is a lot like GoPro’s previous model, the Hero 2 with a few subtle changes. If you’re in the market for a small, light, compact camera that won’t break when you drop it, take a look at what the GoPro Hero 3 has to offer.

Three Different Hero 3 Models

GoPro is currently offering three different Hero 3 models. The Black model is $399; the Silver model retails for $299; and the White model will sell for $199. What’s the difference between the three models? All three shoot at 1080p. The main difference, then, is that the Black edition can also record 2.7k and 4k video and capture 12-megapixel still shots. The White and Silver versions both capture 5-megapixel still shots. If you’re into remotes, the Black Hero 3 also has a waterproof remote that is helpful when setting up posed photos or shooting something from a still vantage point.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Black Hero 3 is the only camera in this lineup that will capture video and photo simultaneously. This may be something to keep in mind if you like to shoot videos and then turn those frames into still shots. Clearly, the Black Hero 3 is the winner of the bunch, but that $399 price tag is still on the high side. Is it worth the price?

No Screen On Any Model

If you’re used to shooting digital photos using a viewfinder, you won’t like what the Hero 3 lineup has to offer. These cameras do not come with screens. So, you’ll have to point and shoot the old-fashioned way. But, the Hero 3 cameras are WiFi enabled and do come with a handy app. You can use the app to shoot with specific aim, and the WiFi function works seamlessly. These cameras were really developed for those who like to take photos while out in the wild. Chances are that Hero 3 owners won’t have much time to shoot family videos and photos anyway. These are the cameras that you want to strap to your helmet while gliding down a slope or put on the roof of your car while chasing a tornado – you know, stuff like that.

GoPro’s Hero 3 cameras are currently for sale through the GoPro website. While you’re there, it’s worth checking out some of the other devices that this company makes. As mentioned, GoPro isn’t as popular as some other camera manufacturers, but it is a company worth looking into if you are the adventurous sort. The GoPro 3’s are nicely designed, lightweight, and rugged enough to take with you wherever you may roam.