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  • HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker
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Large speakers were once popular. Speakers that barely show have taken over. There are lots of these stealth speakers on the market. The Jawbone Jambox is a popular choice, so are other loud and compact offerings. The HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker is the latest option in the small speaker crowd. This radio was originally a Kickstarter project that gained a great deal of funding and press. Now, the HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker is available for purchase.

Aside from this radio’s unique design, HiddenRadio also comes with decent sound. But, when compared to other radios in its class, HiddenRadio falls slightly short. Presently, the HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker retails for $150 – a competitive price. This radio can be purchased online through the HiddenRadio website. The question is, though, how does this radio stack up with others of its type?

HiddenRadio Bluetooth Sound

A bit of a preface, first. Bluetooth wireless speakers aren’t powerhouses. You’ll never achieve stadium sound with one of these options. A Bluetooth connection tends to mean a weaker connection, and it’s best to keep this in mind when considering the purchase of a wireless Bluetooth option. That said, the HiddenRadio Bluetooth wireless speaker does, in fact, sound a bit tinny. If you were to filter music through this speaker and compare it to another speaker, you would notice a difference as far as sound quality goes.

But, if you were just listening to sounds coming from the HiddenRadio speaker, you might not notice that tinny sound. Again, this isn’t the most expensive speaker on the planet and it is wireless, so some lesser sound is expected. This speaker doesn’t have a standard tweeter and woofer. Instead, the HiddenRadio speaker comes with something called “omnidirectional sound.”

Omnidirectional Sound

Omnidirectional sound refers to sound that comes from all directions equally. So, instead of deep bass and higher trebles, an omnidirectional speaker will blast both bass and treble sounds equally. Depending on the type of music that you are listening to, omnidirectional sound can be beneficial. At times, however, omnidirectional sound falls short. The best way to determine the difference between an omnidirectional speaker and one that has standard woofers/tweeters is to listen to both types of speakers simultaneously.

You may find that omnidirectional speakers suit your listening preferences just fine. But, most consumers will prefer a woofer/tweeter combination. That said, the HiddenRadio Speaker isn’t meant to replace your home stereo system. It is, however, a fine option if you want a speaker inside of your office, bedroom, or other small room that doesn’t require a lot of speaker power. This speaker also has a unique design.

To expose the full speaker, simply twist the speaker case (available in white, silver, or black). To lower the volume, twist the speaker in the other direction. This design was created in order to provide users with a way to hide the speaker effectively. If you want a speaker that just blends in, this is a good option. Innovative, inexpensive, and entirely wireless, the HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker may be worth listening to.