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  • Hoseanna: Taking Care of the Little Things
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Taking a trip to the pharmacy isn’t fun or exciting. Unfortunately, it’s something that all women have to do at least once per month. There are many small things that must be purchased on a regular basis. When time is of the essence, forgetting to buy deodorant or hose is easy to do. Yet, forgetting to buy these things can also lead to disaster.

This is where a new website called Hoseanna comes into play. Hoseanna was founded by two busy women who realized that other women don’t always have to time to shop for toothpaste or Tampax even though these things are necessary items. Instead of taking the time out of a busy schedule to buy repeat products (products that you purchase each month), Hoseanna will do the shopping, and shipping, for you.

How Hoseanna Works

Essentially, Hoseanna is a subscription service that has been designed for women by women. When you head to the Hoseanna website, you will see all kinds of everyday items that are for sale. The point of this website is not to offer you the lowest prices on these items, but to offer you the convenience of setting up a month, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly subscription.

Let’s say, for example, that you buy Dove Invisible Solid deodorant every three months (currently priced at $3.29 on the Hoseanna site). Instead of going to the pharmacy every three months or ordering this item every three months, you can set up a Hoseanna account. Once arranged, Hoseanna will send you the items that you need on a tri-monthly basis (or monthly or bi-monthly). If you use this service, you’ll no longer have to worry about making time to buy those ordinary objects.

Cancelling Orders and User Ease

Should you decide that the deodorant you have right now will last another five months, Hoseanna’s cancellation policy is simple too. The site will send you an automated email reminder ten days prior to shipment. If you need to cancel an order, all you have to do is follow the link. You can even expand the shipment time, so your order will arrive in six months instead of ten days. The site is entirely flexible and use-friendly, which is one of the reasons why women are flocking to Hoseanna.

I should point out that it’s also possible to order a onetime item from Hoseanna. If you just want a pair of hose, you can order this item only once. However, the service was really meant for busy women who don’t have the time to shop for necessary objects. More to the point, the site was made for women who don’t like to shop for these items – the convenience of not having to make the trip to the boring pharmacy is a convenience worth paying for.

Shipping Costs

Amazingly, Hoseann’s shipping costs are not high. If you spend less than $30, your shipping costs will be comparable to other sites. If you spend more than $30, shipping is free. In most cases, it’s easy to spend more than $30 on items such as toothpaste, hose, deodorant, razors, and other objects. As mentioned, the prices that Hoseanna offers aren’t better than what you’ll find at your local Walmart, but paying a regular price for an everyday item might be worth it if you don’t have a lot of time to shop.