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  • Instagram Is Now Available on Windows Phone!
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If you're a BlackBerry owner, this is not the news that you wanted to hear. Why? Instagram still isn't available via BlackBerry. However, the popular photo site is now available through Windows Phone.

Where to Get It

Instagram will now be available in the Windows Phone store in beta mode, so all Windows Phone users should be able to find the app right now. If you've used the popular photo app on other platforms, you'll recognize the app on the Windows Phone platform as well. But, there are some minor differences.

Right now, you can't tag a photo through the app or upload videos all that well. Since Instagram is one of the most popular apps out there, plenty of Windows Phone users have already weighed in on the new inclusion of the app. But, why hasn't Instagram come to BlackBerry yet?

Still Missing From BlackBerry

Why hasn't Instagram arrived on BlackBerry yet? The Canadian company is still going strong, so it makes sense that Instagram would sign up with a platform that's still really popular. Over the past years, Instagram has teased a BlackBerry migration, but that hasn't happened - and it doesn't look like it will. It seems as though Facebook wants to move Instagram to platforms that are still growing - and that's something that Windows Phone does very well.

Since its creation, Windows Phone has really grown. The company started off with just a few apps, promised users that the app store would grow by leaps and bounds, and has delivered on that promise. It's an example of a mobile device platform that's being run very well, and it's also an example that companies like BlackBerry could learn a lot from. So, sadly, you don't get Instagram if you have a BlackBerry yet, but you can use it if you have a Windows Phone.

Other Apps Coming

More apps are coming to the Windows Phone platform, as officially announced recently, including Flipboard and Path, but those launch dates haven't been announced quite yet. What you need to take away from this, though, is that Windows Phone is really growing - and it's not stopping any time soon.

Whether or not you like Windows phones is another story, though. For many, these phones aren't quite up to par with iPhone, and that could be why they aren't selling as much as the iPhone. But, it's worth pointing out that buying a cheaper Windows phone may just be worth it now that apps like Flipboard and Instagram are part of the mix. What's next for Windows Phone? You can expect this company to make many more announcements by the start of the holiday shopping season.

Got something to add here? Let me know what you think about Instagram below -- and sound off if you've used the new Windows Phone instagram app. The rest of our readers would love to know how its functioning. Stay tuned for more details about new Windows Phone apps - it won't be long now!