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Browsing the Internet phantom-style is possible with Internet privacy software. This software effectively hides all history, cookie, and other traces from curious eyes. Whether or not you have something to hide, cleaning up your system will also create additional hard drive space – and who wouldn’t want that?

Best of all, most Internet privacy programs are easily affordable. You can purchase decent privacy software for around $30+. You’ll also find that most of these programs come with free trials that should not be overlooked.

Hide the IP 2.9 -- $35+

Become invisible while browsing the Internet with Hide the IP 2.9. This privacy software effectively hides your present IP address while you are surfing the net. In addition to providing complete privacy, Hide the IP 2.9 is also very easy to use. You’ll find that clicking on a simple “lock” function effectively buries your real IP address while your real IP is displayed neatly at the top of your screen. Hide the IP 2.9 also comes with a 3-day free trial. While a 3-day free trial isn’t terribly long, it is long enough to help you decide whether or not Hide the IP 2.9 is the IP security software that you’ve been looking for.

History Sweeper -- $30+

Covering your Internet tracks has never been easier than it is with History Sweeper. This software allows you to erase all of your surfing footsteps ranging from cookies to history. You can even hide Google search terms and the music that you have been listening to simply and effectively. The great thing about History Sweeper is that you don’t have to be a technical whiz to operate this program. History Sweeper’s interface contains a simple screen with various tabs that allow you to erase selected sections from your computer. Clean up your hard drive or hide what you’ve been up to with History Sweeper.

Webroot Window Washer 6.6 -- $29+

Wash away your Internet tracks with Webroot Window Washer 6.6. This program is one of the quickest ways to completely erase all traces of web browsing from any system. As soon as this program has been installed, Webroot Window Washer will scan your system for applications that you may want to “wash.” You can choose to erase all history, your browser’s cache, cookies, and files by selecting the “wash now” option. Alternately, you can pre-select those files and details that you want to get rid of while keeping those that you don’t want to erase. Webroot Window Washer also has a handy scheduler that will keep your system clean as a whistle at your leisure.

GoTrusted Secure Tunnel -- $5+

GoTrusted Secure Tunnel has one purpose: to make sure that you surf a secure Internet no matter where you are located. This program encrypts all traffic when using any WiFi or wired network. Further, GoTrusted Secure Tunnel hides your IP address, eliminates Internet filters, and allows you to surf an uncensored net. Best of all, GoTrusted Secure Tunnel is easy to use and doesn’t include any configuration on your part.