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  • The Ion Sound Splash: A Waterproof, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker
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With summer drawing to a close in North America, water and water-based activities may be restricted to your bathroom - more specifically, you bathtub. Fear not, though, you can still enjoy those summertime musical vibes that come with water and sound by purchasing a wireless waterproof speaker for your bathroom.

If you love to sing and shout while you are taking a bath or just going through your daily shower procedure, the Ion Sound Splash is a really interesting wireless and waterproof option that you're sure to love (plus, it would make a really quirky gift, don't you think?).

Design Details

The Ion Sound Splash doesn't disappoint when it comes to design. This speaker was meant to hook over your shower head or stick to your bathroom walls. The speaker is orb-shaped, comes in a variety of colors, and is actually quite simple to use.


This speaker uses Bluetooth technology to let you stream music from your phone or other wireless device. You can set up your favorite bathing list, arrange the Bluetooth option, and let your music stream while you bathe. Connecting the Bluetooth feature is simple and trouble-free, and this speaker was easy to use at almost every turn.

I'm also a fan of where Ion has placed the control buttons for this speaker (simple and basic controls), since these are easy to reach and control from almost anywhere (you can even touch a button with your toe and not worry about ruining the speaker with water!). But, there's one more thing that makes this speaker, well, really interesting.

You Can Do This Too...

Not only can you stream music via Bluetooth, but you can also answer phone calls while using the Ion speaker. Now, I'm going to go ahead and recommend that you not use the speaker to take a call while you are in the shower unless it's an absolute emergency. However, this speaker can easily go with you on a boat or next to a pool or hot tub, so there is a practical purpose to the phone call portion of this speaker too.

Battery Life

The Ion speaker includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This batter is built-in, so you can't replace it once it has died, but you can recharge it for the purpose of longevity.

Price and Availability

While you won't get amazing surround sound from this little wireless speaker, it is waterproof and handy when it comes to streaming music and answering phone calls when you can't keep your phone next to you. Plus, it really doesn't hurt that this speaker retails for $49.99. That's a price that allows you to purchase the Ion speaker for a gift or for anyone that loves to listen to music while bathing.

Wireless and waterproof speakers that stream music are somewhat novelty, but it's the good kind of odd. If you're looking for something that lets you sing in the shower, this speaker is it. You can find the Ion Sound Splash online through retailers like Amazon, through the Ion main site, or in select stores.