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  • iOS 6.0.1: What This Update Includes
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iOS users let out a collective sigh when iOS 6 was introduced last month. The latest version of iOS wasn’t exactly up to par. Try as Apple might have, iOS 6 was full of bugs and problems. Now that Apple has debuted the iPad Mini, the OS that comes with the Mini must be top.

The Mini will officially be released tomorrow. Just in the knick of time comes a new iOS 6 update called iOS 6.0.1, and it fixes a lot of problems. Unfortunately, Apple couldn’t fix all the iOS 6 problems, and this has some prospective buyers worried. For now, though, you can update your phone and enjoy the bugs that Apple has managed to get rid of.

Screen Lines: All Gone

iOS 6 had keyboard envy. This version of iOS occasionally spattered horizontal lines across user keyboards. These lines were often annoying, and definitely not what iOS users signed on for. With iOS 6.0.1, those bothersome lines have disappeared. In addition to clearing up the keyboard issue, Apple has also worked on some camera problems.

Camera: Now Fully Functional

A funny thing happened when taking a picture using iOS 6. Sometimes, a camera flash did not go off when expected to. This made for a lot of dark photographs and some angry iPhone users. Thankfully, Apple has fixed this issue too. The other major issue that has now been fixed had to do with WiFi. iPhone 5 users could not update any apps using WiFi, and this was a major issue. Even with iOS 6.0.1 now available, iPhone 5 users will still have to go through some extra steps to make sure that the new iOS update can be installed.

Updating Your iPhone 5 to iOS 6.0.1

iOs 6 didn’t like WiFi connectivity so much. iPhone 5 phones running iOS 6 prevent users from downloading updates via WiFi. This was a particularly frustrating bug that has now been done away with – thankfully! If you have an iPhone 5, the only way to upgrade to the new iOS 6.0.1 is to follow these steps:

1.\tGo to the “Settings” app, then find “General,” and then tap on the “Settings Update” option.

2.\tClick on the “Learn More” button.

3.\tTap the “Download and Install” option.

4.\tDownload the iOS Updater App

5.\tTap on the newly downloaded app. If this doesn’t work, you will have to restart your phone in order to access the app.

6.\tFollow the instructions that appear when you tap the Updater App. From there, you should be able to upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 without issue.

Even though upgrading your iPhone 5 is a pain, the good news is that you will not have any more upgrading issues once the new OS is installed. Apple has not been able to work out the Apple Maps issue as of yet. But, really, nobody expected that mess to be cleaned up anytime soon. The fact that Apple has already updated iOS 6 is a good thing, though, and it’s definitely something that had to be done prior to the iPad Mini release.