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  • Apple's iOS 5 Is Ready to Roll
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As promised back in June, Apple has released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. Various new features were added, such as a revamped notification system and Twitter integration in other apps such as Safari or Maps. iMessage is another new feature, giving users a simple way to send instant messages to others using iOS using their email address, similar to BlackBerry Messenger for iOS.

Photo editing becomes a whole lot better as well, with the revamped OS making it easy to share photos via email, text, iMessage, or even tweet. Take pictures more quickly with iOS 5, as you can now access the camera from the lock screen.

This new OS also features voice recognition to use Siri, available on the new iPhone 4S. Another big change: iCloud, allowing synchronizing of all devices simply and efficiently, not to mention transferring photos and files from your iPhone to your desktop without connecting the phone via USB cable. iCloud stores your info from Mail, Contacts, Find my iPhone, iWork, and Calendar.

Use Reminders, an electronic day planner app, and receive location based notifications. For example, you walk into WalMart and are then reminded to pick up your child's prescription at the pharmacy. Using iCloud, your calendar can be synced across all devices.

Do you subscribe to online magazines or newspapers on your iPhone? Now, you can use the Newsstand app to view them all in one place. You simply make your subscription purchases in the App Store, then head to Newsstand to read the new issue each month. It even looks like a newsstand, with the covers displayed on a virtual bookshelf.

How Do I Get It?

Simply connect your device to the computer and download it from iTunes. That's it. Many, however, are having trouble due to an incredibly high traffic rate. A vast amount of iOS users have received an error code (3200) due to overwhelmed servers. In fact, Apple claims half of the downloads attempted on release day (10/12) failed due to this reason. Users from all over the globe complained about receiving this error message. The good news: once the servers open up a bit more, the download should progress a bit more smoothly.

Another issue some users were facing is missing apps after the download is completed, like they were never backed up and reinstalled. Recommendations have been made to sync all of your apps to iTunes before beginning the download process. This way, you do not have to reinstall each and every app you enjoy using on your iOS device.

If you plan on utilizing iCloud, head to http://www.icloud.com/ to sign up. All you need is your Apple ID and password, and remembering to update your OS to version 5 on your device(s). If you only need 5GB for storage of your files and contacts, this service is free. However, adding 10GB will cost $20, 20 GB will cost $40, and 50 GB of space will cost $100.


iOS 5 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, iPad and iPad2 and can be obtained for free through iTunes. It is available worldwide, and requires you to connect your device to the computer. Be prepared for a long download time and some possible error messages. The Apple world is fighting for server space to obtain this update and patience is required.