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iPhone 8 leaks have the tech world abuzz today. Various sources are all noting some of the same additions and changes to Apple’s latest iPhone. Typically Apple releases iPhones in September, but no launch date has been set yet.

Here are some of the things the Internet speculates Apple will include this time around - and some of them are, finally, groundbreaking.

No More Touch ID

Apple might be doing away with Touch completely. In its place, the company will employ facial recognition technology. This will be a major step for Apple. Other companies have tried to create this kind of tech before and failed (Samsung), so it will be interesting to see how Apple handles the facial future.

Edge to Edge

Edge to edge display is something that other smartphone manufacturers have already done - and I love it. Instead of the rim that encloses the iPhone face, edge to edge technology means that the whole front of the phone is glass - so you get more surface area. The larger surface area also makes it easier to slide your finger across the screen.

Wireless Charging

Here’s another feature about the new iPhone 8 that I hope sources got right. With wireless charging, you won’t have to look for those pesky cords. It will all be wireless, which is a nice feature add.

Faster Processor

This one is kind of a given, but the new iPhone will likely come with a faster processor. This time around, rumour has it that Apple will include an A11 processor - but, again, that’s just a rumour.

Camera Details

There are really any camera details at the moment, but a lot of other companies are employing something called computational photography, which touches up photos before you even take them - a nice and fun feature for the selfie crowd.

Different Options

Apple usually tosses a few different options out when releasing an iPhone. This time, it looks like the company will offer one OLED and two standard phone options. The OLED display will be 5.8”. It has also been noted that the display will be a glass one, which could mean that this phone will be more fragile since it doesn’t include any edges.

Confirmation Dates

Apple should be releasing the new iPhone in September, which is right in line with what the company usually does when it comes to release dates. Apple chooses these fall dates in order to give consumers something interesting to consider purchasing prior to the holiday season. This date has not yet been confirmed by Apple, so right now it’s just a rumour like all of these other details.

In the past, though, Apple iPhone rumours have been spot on. This writer is hoping that Apple will, indeed, make the facial recognition jump - it will be something to get excited about after years of the same old smartphones! Stay tuned for more information about the new iPhone 8 when it is released. You may not want to buy a new smartphone until that time.

If these rumours are true, Apple’s newest iPhone will be something to write home about.