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  • Macro Lens for iPhone

Some smartphone come with amazing cameras. Take, for example, the iPhone. Apple has made sure that the camera on the iPhone 4 and 4S is top-notch. You can snap great photos with this phone, and some photos that you take with your iPhone may even be better than the photos you take with your regular camera. In fact, many people have thrown their regular cameras out the window in favor of a superior smartphone option. Yet, as great as smartphones are (some Android phones come with excellent cameras too), there’s just one thing missing: the ability to change lenses.

If you want to get a real close-up of a cat’s face or that newly fallen snow, it’s hard to do with your smartphone camera. Until now, that is. A company called Photojojo has created a macro lens for the iPhone (actually, the company claims that this lens will fit any smartphone, so you can get in on the macro lens game if you have any kind of device). How in the world can you fit a macro lens on a smartphone? Better yet, how much will a macro lens for a smartphone cost?

What this Lens is Made of

The idea behind the macro lens for smartphones is a simple one. Yet, it’s also an idea that nobody has thought of until now. The Macro Cell Lens Band (this product deserves a better name, don’t you think?), is made out of a rubber band.

That’s right, a rubber band. Now, I know what you are thinking: “a rubber band that will break, wear, and snap? No thanks!” But, the makers of the Macro Cell Lens Band assure the general public that this band is made from heavy-duty material that won’t snap, break, or wear. What it will do is cover your current camera lens (removable) with a small macro lens.

The Macro Cell Lens Band looks like one of those office-strength elastic bands (you know, the thick kind).

The difference is that a small macro lens has been built right into the elastic band. So, once you place this band across the back of your smartphone, you will have an up-close view of whatever you’re trying to shoot. This is a pretty ingenious idea, isn’t it? If you have a camera enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, the Macro Cell Lens Band is something that you’ll seriously want to consider for a stocking stuffer. Stocking stuffer? This band sounds expensive! Well, there’s where you’re wrong.

Price and Availability

The Macro Cell Lens Band is currently available through the Photojojo website (www.photojojo.com). Now, are you ready to hear how much this band costs? You can purchase your very own Macro Cell Lens Band for just $15.

That’s right, fifteen-dollars will get the photography lover in your life a macro lens for their cell phone. How cool is this device? Imagine how much better those Instagram photos could be!
What’s more, imagine how many other lenses could be added to rubber bands. Before you know it, a fish-eye lens for your smartphone will exist. If you love photography (or know someone who does), you can’t go wrong with the Macro Cell Lens Band.