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  • New iPhone 5 Release Date Announced
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The hottest tech topic for the past few months has been the iPhone 5 release date. Seemingly, every tech blog, company, and expert predicted one month or the next. Thus far, Apple has not yet released the iPhone 5, but another rumor surrounding the phone’s release date is now circling. This rumor comes from an AT&T employee.

The nameless employee reported that an AT&T vice president asked all employees to be prepared for a busy October. The employee went on to say that the vice president explained that the launch of the iPhone 5 would happen during the fall month. Some say that Apple will release the phone during the beginning of October while other believe that the end of October is the correct time. Apple, of course, has not commented on the exact release date.

Are These Really Rumors?

One has to wonder how all of these iPhone 5 rumors are fueled. On the one hand, reports can surface from a variety of sources. It only takes a few moments after an article has been posted on a blog for rumors to spread throughout the tech community. On the other hand, there may be a bigger rumor generator at work here.

Apple has had a very strong marketing and advertising team for years now. Once a tech company that had a hard time selling computers to the masses, Apple sunk a lot of money into advertising in order to boost the company’s image. Of course, the invention of a few key Apple devices didn’t hurt either. Now, Apple is one of the biggest companies on the planet, and it is still backed by a strong advertising team – a team that may, just maybe, start some rumors in order to generate a buzz.

Logical Timing

Whether or not Apple is responsible for rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 has yet to be seen (and, really, it doesn’t much matter). Either way, an October launch date for the new device would make a great deal of sense. Usually, Apple unveils new products during the summer months, but one has to take the current economy into account this year.
People aren’t spending as much money as they once did. Thus, a phone that launched in the middle of the summer may not generate a huge amount of sales – after all, it’s hard to justify a large expense during tough economic times.

However, consumers who have refrained from spending during the summer months are far more likely to spend a bit more during the fall months. Why? The simple answer is: the holiday season. Were the iPhone 5 to arrive during late October, this would coincide with the start of the holiday shopping season. Really, the whole thing makes a lot of marketing sense.

Waiting With Anticipation

Regardless of the actual launch date, many avid Apple consumers are waiting for the iPhone 5 with much anticipation. No doubt this phone will fly off shelves faster than stores can keep it stocked. What will the phone look like? Will it be very different from the iPhone 4? How much will it retail for? These are all questions that consumers want answers to, but, for now, the only semblance of answers comes in the form rumors.