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  • To Give Up On RIM – Or Not To Give Up On RIM?
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This is the question that tech writers and investors alike are toying with these days. Canada’s own Research In Motion was once the dominator of the smartphone world. Business people around the world were once so addicted to their BlackBerry phones that the term “crackberry” was used frequently. Now, not so much. Sure, there are still plenty of business people who would rather use a BlackBerry phone than any other phone (and a lot of those people reside in Canada), but the BlackBerry certainly looks as though it’s on its way out.

Recently RIM released its last quarter numbers and, to say the least, they were bleak. Even though PlayBook (RIM’s stab at a tablet) sales were up, the beloved BlackBerry still can’t compete with other smartphones on the market. So is it work standing behind RIM by investing in stock and purchasing RIM tablets and phones? Maybe.

From An Investment Standpoint

The time to invest in a company is never when everyone else is investing in that company. When RIM was at the height of its game, so were RIM stocks. Buying stocks that are at an all-time high simply doesn’t make sense. Instead, purchasing stocks when they are low can be a worthwhile game plan – if (and this is a rather large “if”) that sinking company has promise. Well, in RIM’s case, stocks are low and RIM just might have a chance to patch things up.

How can RIM catch up to Android, Apple, and now Windows? By making the same old solid BlackBerry phones that RIM has always made, with a few modern tweaks. You see, in this reviewer’s opinion, RIM doesn’t have to come up with a Siri competitor or try to outdo the newest form of a keyboard. RIM just needs to make phones that business people can use and use well. Of course, some additional apps wouldn’t hurt the company (after all, apps make the world go around today), but most of RIM’s customers choose this phone for reasons other than apps and artificial intelligence.

RIM Still Can’t Be Beat

If you ask a BlackBerry user why they decided to purchase a RIM phone, they won’t spout off about apps or screen size. What they will say is that the BlackBerry comes with the best messenger and email features out there. That’s it – messages and email. How simple is that? Yet, it’s the main reason why RIM is still in the smartphone business. All the company has to do is stay on top of technology and keep the same basic phones – slow and steady might win this race, after all.

It also helps that RIM finally upgraded the PlayBook to include email and calendar apps. The PlayBook is a solid tablet and its one that a lot of people are finding useful, so RIM doesn’t have to worry on that end for now, as long as the company keeps up with tablet trends, that is. So, you see, it’s all up in the air for RIM. On the one hand, the company could sink completely, but, on the other, RIM still has plenty of followers and those old BlackBerry phones are still a hit with the business crowd.