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  • Introducing the Jawbone HD + Nerd
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Owning a Bluetooth earpiece is a great thing. These headsets allow you to drive and talk without becoming distracted, and these headsets are also set up to synch with any PC or Mac. The problem is that synching a Bluetooth headset with a computer can be a hassle. In fact, it’s why many consumers skip Bluetooth altogether. But, these synching problems may be over thanks to a new apparatus by Jawbone called “The Nerd.”

The Nerd is an adapter that Jawbone created to make synching easier. At first look, this device seems to be the answer to all those synching difficulties. So, how does The Nerd work? You’ll be happy to know that this Jawbone invention is user-friendly, and, more importantly, a cinch to operate.

Introducing The Nerd

The Nerd is a wireless USB audio adapter. Simply put, all you have to do is plug this device in, and the PC or Mac that you want to synch to your Bluetooth will work. No wires, no messes, no need to synch anything. The Nerd allows you to switch from incoming computer calls to phone calls simply, and you can play or pause music from your computer by pressing a small button on the side of the device.

With the Jawbone Icon HD + Nerd bundle, listening to anything on your PC or Mac is simple. You can tune into music, movies, or any presentation that you want to watch. The best part is, of course, that you can do all of this using The Nerd without any synching troubles. Really, Jawbone has made life a lot easier for people who enjoy combining Bluetooth with PC usage.

The Jawbone HD

It’s necessary to talk about the Jawbone HD device, since you’ll have to purchase the Jawbone HD with The Nerd – it’s a bundle deal at the time of this writing. The Jawbone HD has a few upgrades from the last Jawbone piece. Those upgrades include play and pause options, voice announcements, and a high-definition wideband speaker.

There are other upgrades, but these are relatively insignificant. You will find that the design of the new Jawbone HD remains almost the same. This is still a very small earpiece, it fits comfortably inside of your ear, and you can still use the Jawbone HD with your smartphone. The main difference here is The Nerd device, which will please a lot of frustrated consumers.

Availability and Pricing

Right now, the Jawbone HD + The Nerd Bundle retails for around $140. You can find this bundle in most electronics stores and online through the Jawbone website. If you aren’t sure whether or not this Bluetooth option is for you (or whether or not you should upgrade) consider what you use Bluetooth for.

The Jawbone HD + The Nerd seem to be excellent options for people who like hooking up a PC or Mac to a Bluetooth headset. If you just use your Bluetooth in the car, this may not be the best option for you. Still, The Nerd is an interesting device that’s sure to gain a lot of positive press.