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  • Karotz Smart Rabbit
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Aside from the fact that the Karotz is cute (the device is shaped like a white rabbit with customizable colored ears), it’s also a device that a lot of parents and social networkers alike may want to purchase. Essentially, Karotz is a voice-recognition device that comes with a bunch of free apps (iOS) and can do a number of interesting things.

This white rabbit sits on your desktop, coffee table, or night table (really, anywhere you want to put it), and helps you when it comes to sending out social network notifications, sending social media updates, waking you up, and many other functions (we’ll get to those in a minute).
The new Karotz debuted at the CES conference, and it’s been selling relatively well ever since. While Karotz might not be a necessary device, it’s one that serves a number of different and interesting purposes. Here’s what you can expect from Karotz should you decide to purchase your own customizable bunny.

Peace of Mind

Karotz includes a small video camera that any user can access remotely. In addition, using the smaller bunnies that Karotz comes with, children can scan a small rabbit across the larger Karotz rabbit in order to check-in with parents (kind of like a GPS tracking device). As soon as a Karotz rabbit has been scanned, parents will receive a notification via text. In other words, Karotz takes the worry out of wondering whether or not your kids have arrived home safely from school or other events (it’s also a great way to bust a teen for breaking curfew!).

Not only can Karotz bring parents peace of mind, but this clever rabbit can also wake you up in the morning. If you program Karotz to wake you up at, say, 8am, you will be awoken by a friendly rabbit voice. Karotz can also tell you what the weather is like, and perform a number of other actions (including updating your social networks) via iOS apps (now available in the Apple Store for free).

Customization Options Galore

One of the best things about Karotz is that you can customize this device in a number of different ways. Not only can you change the color of your rabbit’s ears, but you can also program your Karotz rabbit to speak in different tones – even your own tone. In fact, one of the main selling points of the Karotz device is that users can read a story to Karotz, and Karotz can later read that story in a user’s voice to anyone who wants to listen (think about absent parents reading stories to children via Karotz).

If you don’t like the voice that Karotz comes with, you can change that tool. Users have the option of listening to Karotz speak in a male or female voice. Speaking of voices, Karotz has one more trick up its sleeve – this device was built on voice recognition (watch out, Siri!).

Ask Karotz what the weather is like or anything else and this rabbit will respond with ease. As you can see, Karotz is really an all-in-one device that has a certain cute factor that’s hard to ignore. If you think that Karotz sounds like a device you need, you can order your own cute rabbit (worth a trip to the site just to see what Karotz looks like!) from the Karotz site: www.karotz.com.