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  • Kaspersky Says that Android Banking Apps Aren't Safe
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News from Kaspersky today may want you to reconsider using your Android phone to do banking activities. The security company issued a warning to consumers that banking apps on Android phones are extremely vulnerable.

The data that Kaspersky has mined will have you wondering whether or not banking through your Android phone is safe.

The Statistics

Kaspersky's data showed that 99% of all banking security attacks happen on Android phones. Why not Apple? Because Apple doesn't allow third-party developers to create apps. In the security world, more restrictions means less concern when it comes to consumer protection. There's another concern at play here, too, though. Kaspersky has noted that most cyber attacks are happening on the mobile end now.

Hackers used to attack computers, but that's all changed. Since most people use smartphones to connect to banks and to do other highly personalized processes, hackers can get far more information by targeting mobile devices. What does that mean for consumers? A few things. First, know that your phone is not safe unless it is protected (Kaspersky told press today).

Other Considerations

Never use a public WiFi connection, no matter how tempting it may be. You can always call the number on the back of your bank or credit card to get more details about any bank account. Or, find a secure computer to check details on (ATM machines are useful too). If you are traveling and need to check your bank account, be careful where you decided to log into your banking system.

So, if Android phones aren't safe, are Apple phones safe? Don't make this assumption. Apple apps are safer than Android apps because of the whole 'no third-party' thing, but that doesn't mean that Apple banking apps are completely immune to attacks. Using public WiFi is still a really bad idea.

Protection For Your Android Phone

Are there any programs you can use to protect your Android phone from attacks? There are free anti-virus apps available through Google Play, but I'd stick with well-established companies for this one. Of course, there's always the possibility that Kaspersky is simply trying to push anti-virus products with the new stats, but that doesn't seem too likely (after all, they have a reputation to uphold!).

In the meantime, be careful about what apps you download to your Android phone, what connection you use to check your bank account, and where you decide to check on your banking details. The problem with mobile devices is that they seem highly personal, but you never know who's lurking around trying to steal your data. Banking is best done at home with a secure connection, or just give your bank a call if you are traveling - it's a much safer way to do things.

If you use an Android phone, have you had any luck with Android apps? Any bad luck? Or, do you think that this Kaspersky data is rubbish? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below -- Apple and Android fans, face off!