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  • New Kindle App for iPad
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Now that the new iPad has officially arrived (launched today), a whole lot of new and improved apps will be popping up. The biggest app re-launch comes from Amazon. Since Amazon aims to be the most popular content provider for digital media, it makes perfect sense that the massive content company would want to launch a better iPad app.

Really, the new Amazon Kindle app for the iPad isn’t much more than a better-looking app with a couple of new interface features. The idea here is to blend a seamless Amazon app with the new high-resolution iPad with the end result being better reading for anyone who downloads a book from Amazon and reads it on a new iPad. The reviews for the new app so far have been positive and Amazon certainly seems to know its audience well.

Purchasing Amazon Content from the iPad

If you’re wondering if you can now purchase Amazon content directly from the new Kindle app, I’m sorry to say that you can’t. In order to access the Amazon content you want, you will have to visit the Amazon site. Still, the new Kindle app does look nice, it works well, and it comes with one new feature that you might enjoy using. This new feature is simple, but it does serve a purpose.

On the app homepage, you will notice an option that allows you to grab content directly from your iPad or from the Cloud. This simple feature does make it much easier to find the content that you are looking for and while I’d love to see an option to connect directly to Amazon, that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Still, Amazon has put some effort into redesigning the Kindle app and these change are appreciated. You can access the new Amazon Kindle app using a new or older iPad.

Is This a Necessary Download?

While you certainly aren’t obligated to download the new Amazon Kindle app, thankfully, Amazon isn’t making the older app obsolete; it’s not a bad idea. The app is glitch free and it does come with that one feature mentioned above that is really quite helpful. Really, there’s nothing that can’t be gained from updating your current Amazon Kindle app, but if you are truly resistant you can go ahead and use the older app, which still works just fine.

If you waited in line today, or pre-ordered, an iPad, will you download the new Amazon Kindle app? If you have already experienced everything that Amazon has recently added to this app, let me know what you think of it. From the current reviews, the app sounds and looks great. Amazon, like many other companies out there, isn’t about to let new technology appear without creating an app to go along with that technology. Since iPad sales are expected to surge today and throughout the rest of the year, Amazon has done a great thing by making content more accessible to iPad users. Seemingly, the way that content shows up on the new iPad will be mind-blowing thanks to this new Amazon Kindle app.