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  • Knotch: Show Your Color Approval
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Most people have "liked" more than a few things on various networks and sites. Some people even comment on things that they like. But, what do people really want? How would people prefer to rate something? According to a company called Knotch, the answer is all about color.

Knotch Rating System

Knotch is an app that lets people rate different topics using a color scale. Pale yellow means that someone dislikes or is indifferent about something, while red hot means, well, red hot. Topics are discussed on the app's platform amongst members, and members rate each topic or app according to likes and dislikes.

Knotch is something of a community too. Knotch users tend to congregate on the app's main page to talk about things that they have in common. If color ratings seem kind of strange to you, you should know that Knotch has done its homework.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Knotch conducted a user survey to find out how users prefer to rank topics. Surprisingly, most people preferred to rate with color over any other kind of rating. It seems that color scales are something that people are just used to, and the tests that Knotch has done certainly paid off for the company.

Knotch states that most of the app's users are men, and that these men spend a significant amount of time using the app each month. Some are also using the app as a form of social networking by meeting with people that share like interests. The whole concept is an interesting one, and Knotch also takes sharing and rating one step further.

Sharing Your Colors

Knotch does allow users to connect to social sites like Facebook in order to share color ratings. However, Knotch users prefer to keep these ratings quite, for some reason. Why that is, it's hard to say. But, if you do have the Knotch app, you can share your color ratings on Facebook for the world to see. Perhaps colors are a better way to show your approval or disapproval than the infamous "like?"

So, how do you get Knotch and where can you find it? Most importantly, is it free? Knotch is available for iOS through the Apple Store. And, yes, Knotch is free. Presently, the company has just updated the app to add Twitter support as well as Facebook support, but no Android app is available yet.

Why Use Knotch?

Why would you want an app like Knotch? Do you really need to rate something else or share your opinion about another subject? Well, that depends. It seems as though most users are using Knotch as a sort of network, really. If you are searching for a new network to use, and want to find people that share your opinions, Knotch is a great app to check out.

But, it's hard to see any real reason for most people to use this app. It's possible, though, that I'm wrong. If you love and use Knotch, what's so great about this app? Let me know!