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Few screen sizes compare to 19-20 inch LCD monitors. Built for work and games, these monitors will make viewing any image easier. Quality 19-20 inch LCD monitors are priced from $100 to $200+. Various monitors make great gaming and movie companions, while others are best left to word processing. Many note-worthy monitors fit into the $150 price range including some excellent budget options.
(Note: All prices are estimates at the time of this article’s writing.)

Lenovo ThinkVision L1940p Flat Panel -- $240
As the name suggests, Lenovo did put a lot of through into the design of the ThinkVision screen. This screen rotates 90 degrees vertically, 20 degree back, and 50 degrees to each side making viewing this screen easy from any angle. The ThinkVision is an optimal gaming option thanks to outstanding screen resolution and color display.
While the Lenovo ThinkVision design is original, the half-moon base that this screen sits on causes the screen to wobble when moved. This could be a problem when taking part in a particularly lively game or moving items around on a desktop.

Gateway HD1900 -- $150
The Gateway HD1900 is a basic 19” monitor with notable color depth. As with most monitors in its class, the Gateway HD1900 does swivel and tilt slightly. DVI-D and VGA inputs are included with the monitor. Viewing games and movies on the HD1900 is enjoyable due to excellent imaging.

While a great base monitor, the HD1900 does lack when it comes to ergonomics. The vast majority of monitors on the market rotate, swivel, and spin, while this monitor only tilts slightly to the back. Some may find this monitor hard to use due to OSD buttons that are difficult to navigate. Aside from these two, relatively minor, drawbacks, the HD1900 is a great option.

HP 2009m -- $150
The first thing that sets the HP2009m apart from other LCD screens is its swivel capabilities. Unlike other LCD screens in its class, the HP2009m swivels as one unit. A button located on the bottom of the screen’s base allows the entire screen to swivel (base and all). Wall-mounting is also an option with the HP2009m’s removable back panel. DVI and VGA connection options are relatively standard, though accessing these connections is hassle-free.

HP’s 2009m lacks user-friendly OSD buttons, though this is a fairly common complaint with most LCD screens. While a great work screen, the 2009m is not an optimal movie or gaming choice. Dim colors and a distracting glossy screen can detract from a gaming or movie experience.

LG Flatron W2053TQ -- $200
As an eco-friendly LCD screen option, the LG Flatron is a good buy. Various energy saving options allow users to reduce electricity costs by putting the screen into sleep mode. The touch-screen OSD panel is both innovative and unique, though some users may find these controls hard to navigate. The Flatron also tilts slightly making the screen easier to view. Gamers and movie buffs will appreciate this screen’s visuals that make both games and movies stand out.
Difficult navigating the OSD pane is one drawback of the LG Flatron. Another drawback is the lack of screen movement. While this screen does tilt, it does not swivel or rotate.