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  • LeechBlock: Blocking All Distractions
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For those of us who spend our days working and researching online, this kind of work can be a constant struggle. Thoughts can be destroyed with a phone call and too many texts can drive a person mad…and then there’s the Internet. The Internet with its shiny websites, social media updates, and constant chatter is at the fingertips of so many writers, reviewers, and researchers. The temptation to scan a random website, shop online, or see what friends are up to on Facebook is great.

So great, in fact, that Firefox has developed a new add-on called LeechBlock. LeechBlock aims to help you block all of those sites that cause distraction. The idea behind LeechBlock is to allow you to block those sites by specifying which ones get in the way of your creativity. Now more than ever, silence (in all forms) is truly golden. If you’re ready to unplug and step away from all that noise (and you currently use Firefox), LeechBlock is what you need.

How It Works

After downloading the add-on, LeechBlock will be added to your Firefox. After accessing this add-on, you will be asked to specify a number of sites to block. LeechBlock allows users to set up to six different sites to block. By entering a site URL, a time to block the site (say, 4PM to 5PM daily), and other specifications, the sites that have been distracting you for too long will no longer be an issue. Every time you want to block a site, all you have to do is access LeechBlock.

Not only can you block certain sites every day or every hour as you wish, but LeechBlock also makes it possible to track how much time you spend on a given site during. In addition, you can prevent any temptation to unblock a site during specified hours by asking LeechBlock to block your access to the add-on control panel (no cheating!). If you try to access a blocked site during those times when you are supposed to be working, LeechBlock will send you to a “blocked” page.

Focusing on Productivity

LeechBlock makes it possible to be productive once again. If you find yourself spending too much time on social networks (and not getting paid for it), you need an add-on like LeechBlock. The Internet is a great tool that can be lots of fun to use, but this tool can also get in the way of productivity. Working from home is hard enough without all of those delicious distractions offered today.

Consider LeechBlock as kind of a Zen retreat from the Internet world. If you don’t have time to meditate or to think, LeechBlock might be the next best answer. After installing this add-on, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish in a day when you do nothing but work, think, reflect, and work some more. Don’t worry, all of those sites that love to distract you will still be there when your LeechBlock time limit has expired – you just won’t be tempted to spend your time on a social networking instead of writing that next best seller.